How do I find Fios TV shows On Demand?

How do I find Fios TV shows On Demand?

To use Fios On Demand, using your Fios remote control:

  1. Press On Demand button, then use the arrow keys to navigate the categories, or.
  2. Menu > On Demand > follow the onscreen prompts.

What is On Demand on FIOS?

Fios On Demand allows you to acquire a wide range of content, and access that content on multiple devices. With multi-screen you have the freedom to watch videos on any compatible device to include: Fios TV Set-Top Boxes and DVRs.

Can I get the old Fios guide back?

Re: can I get my old guide back? There is an option in the menu for a “classic” guide; this gives you a bigger video window in the full-screen guide, by removing one row of listings. Press Menu on the remote, then select Settings, then Television, then Guide View and finally select Classic View.

Can you record Fios On Demand movies?

If you’re looking to watch something while you’re on the go, the Fios Mobile app for both iOS and Android lets you watch on-demand options, but your DVR recordings as well, assuming you pay for either the Enhanced or Premium DVR options.

Why is my Fios On Demand not working?

The most common reason for FiOS On Demand not working is connectivity issues. Hence, any loose cables, issues with configuration or network disruptions cause issues with your On-demand service. If your network is congested or there is a network outage, your FiOS On Demand services will not work.

How do I watch HBO on Demand on FiOS?

Re: How do I watch HBO On-Demand Just scroll down to browse, then within the browse menu scroll to subscriptions. Within subscriptions, click on HBO or any other movie provider you are paying for and look within the various categories.

Why is the FIOS guide so slow?

Re: Channel guide very slow to load The problem seems to be when you set the filter to subscribed channels only. The system must need to go out and get your account info each time you press the guide as opposed to having that information stored on the unit.

Can I change my FIOS guide?

How can I change the style of the guide view? There are several ways to view the guide. Press the Guide button on your Fios remote once or twice to see different views. Using your Fios remote, you can filter by selecting Guide > Options.

Do you get FiOS on demand for free?

Not only does Fios On Demand have more movies and television than any other TV service, but thousands of those titles are available to stream on the go. Fios On Demand is free to all subscribers and is available for your TV, your mobile devices, or on your computer.

How to find the FiOS TV channels in your area?

Enter your location below to discover the Verizon Fios TV channels in your area. Fios TV: Television your way. Personalize your TV package with Your Fios TV. Pick your top favorite channels and we’ll recommend a package of 125+ channels that will be based on your preferences. Want even more television?

Where can I find list of prime time TV shows?

In this page you can find the list of prime time shows on TV. Listing for all primetime shows on network TV. For TV movies listing visit our page Movies on TV. For afternoon TV program listing visit Afternoon listing. Also, visit our newest page for streaming show recommendations, and do not forget to vote.

Where can I find free movies on FiOS?

Free to me. Look for the Fios logo at the top left corner of TV shows or movie titles to easily identify free content. Or, select the “Free to me” sort option. Binge watching. Easily browse your favorite TV series by season and episode.