How do I contact the White Sox?

How do I contact the White Sox?

Chicago White Sox

  2. (312) 674-1000.
  3. (312) 674-5102.

What happened to US Cellular Field?

The park opened for the 1991 season, after the White Sox had spent 81 years at the original Comiskey Park. It also opened with the name Comiskey Park but was renamed U.S. Cellular Field in 2003 after U.S. Cellular purchased the naming rights at $68 million over 20 years….Guaranteed Rate Field.

Renovated 2001–2012, 2015–2019

What is US Cellular Field called now?

Guaranteed Rate Field
White Sox’s U.S. Cellular Field changing name to Guaranteed Rate Field. The Chicago White Sox announced Wednesday that U.S. Cellular Field will be renamed Guaranteed Rate Field beginning Nov. 1. The White Sox signed a 13-year naming rights agreement with Guaranteed Rate, a Chicago-based national mortgage lender.

How early can you get into Guaranteed Rate Field?

Gates will open 90 minutes prior to first pitch before each game. “Contactless entry” procedures will still be in place, with all tickets being issued on mobile devices. Fans can use the MLB Ballpark, StubHub or Ticketmaster app for their tickets.

Is it safe to go to a White Sox game?

No it’s not a safe place to explore. Plus, there really isn’t anyplace to explore. What you do is get off the red line, walk to the park with the crowds, game over, you walk back to the red line with the crowds.

Can I bring a bag into Guaranteed Rate Field?

It is illegal for anyone to enter or attempt to enter the ballpark with a firearm, regardless of permit. No bags – exceptions will be made for medical bags, small clutch purses (under 9″x5″ in size) and diaper bags when infant is present. Guests may not use any tobacco products inside the ballpark.

Is Guaranteed Rate Field in a bad neighborhood?

The neighborhood is not really safe, but if you’re going to the game and back, you’ll be fine. The train ride home gets crowded though. I could take or leave this stadium!

When did U.S. Cellular Field become Guaranteed Rate Field?

January 2003
The ballpark attracted a club-record 2,934,154 fans in its first year. In January 2003, it was renamed U.S. Cellular Field. In November 2016, it was renamed Guaranteed Rate Field.

Do people still call it Comiskey Park?

CHICAGO — U.S. Cellular Field is changing its name — which was hard news to swallow for people who are still calling it Comiskey Park. The baseball stadium and home of the White Sox will now be called Guaranteed Rate Field, according to the White Sox.

Is US Cellular Field in a bad neighborhood?

I went to a White Sox game at US Cellular simply to see the stadium in my quest to see all MLB stadiums. It is a fairly basic stadium, and it’s nothing that is going to wow you. The neighborhood is not really safe, but if you’re going to the game and back, you’ll be fine. The train ride home gets crowded though.

Is Cash accepted at Guaranteed Rate Field?

All concession and retail areas throughout Guaranteed Rate Field are cashless. Fans who are holding cash and do not have credit cards can purchase White Sox gift cards at retail locations in their zones or at the Chicago Sports Depot.

How many people are allowed at guaranteed field?

Guaranteed Rate Field/Capacity
As the city continues to lessen coronavirus restrictions, the Sox will increase capacity to approximately 24,300 fans at Guaranteed Rate Field beginning May 24 against the Cardinals. The stadium can normally accommodate 40,615 fans.

How to contact u.s.cellular local time?

local time 1 Call 611 from your U.S. Cellular® phone. 2 Call 888-944-9400 from any phone. 3 Hours: 8 a.m. – 9 p.m. local time *West Coast until 8 p.m. local time

Who are the staff at US Cellular Field?

U.S. Cellular Field was designed to accommodate the needs of all baseball fans. Staff members also get special training. Discounts for persons with disabilities are available for weekday games. For questions or assistance, call Guest Relations at 312-674-1000, ext. 5225 or 312-674-5235 TTY.

Where is the US Cellular Field in Chicago?

US Cellular Field/Chicago White Sox. 333 W. 35th St. (Cross Street: Shields St.) Chicago, Il 60616. Phone Number: (866) 769-4263.

Where is the stadium club at US Cellular Field?

First things first: there is a separate entrance for Stadium Club passholders. Walking from the main parking lot, look for the giant green glass façade on the southwest side of the ballpark. Take an elevator up a few stories (fancy!) and security will scan your tickets.