How do I connect to eduroam on Iphone UVA?

How do I connect to eduroam on Iphone UVA?

To connect to eduroam:

  1. Connect to the UVA WiFi Setup wireless network.
  2. Open a Web browser and type in
  3. Under “Faculty, Staff, & Students”, click Continue.
  4. Use the UVA Network Setup Tool (by SecureW2) to get connected to the fast and secure eduroam WiFi network.

How do I connect to eduroam UVA WiFi?


  1. Make sure your wifi is turned on and open up the wifi networks. Tap on eduroam to connect.
  2. Enter your CatID username in the Identity field followed by Example: [email protected] Scroll down to the password field, enter your passphrase, and choose Connect.

How do I log into eduroam Utwente?

Configuring eduroam

  1. Go to Settings, Wi-Fi.
  2. Select eduroam.
  3. At EAP method, select TTLS.
  4. Select MSCHAPV2 at Phase 2 authentication.
  5. Select Use system certificates at CA certificate.
  6. Fill in at domain.
  7. Enter your UT e-mail address in the Identity field.

How do I find my eduroam password?

We are sorry to hear that you have forgotten your password. eduroam accounts are managed by the institution which issued the account to you. Please contact the IT department of the institution which originally created your account to have your password changed or reset.

What is your eduroam username and password?

Your Eduroam username is composed of two parts: your UMGC username and For example, if you log into UMGC systems with the username jdoe12, your Eduroam username would be [email protected]

How do I manually connect to eduroam?

Some people may need to set up the connection manually:

  1. Open the list of wireless networks.
  2. Right click on any listed Eduroam networks and choose “Forget this network”.
  3. Open the Network and Sharing Center.
  4. Click Set up a new connection or network.
  5. Click Manually connect to a wireless network.
  6. Click Next.

What is eduroam username and password?