How do I check my AWB status?

How do I check my AWB status?

Bluedart Courier Tracking Online

  1. Get the Waybill / AWB number or the reference number from the receipt.
  2. If you have the Waybill or AWB number, select the first button.
  3. After selecting click on the Track status button.
  4. The current status of your courier or parcel will be displayed.

Can we track with AWB number?

Enter the three-digit airline code along with the eight-digit air waybill number (example: 001 87654321) for each shipment you would like to track. Click the Track button to start your search.

What is AWB number in courier?

An airway bill or AWB is a document that accompanies goods shipped by an international courier, which allow for tracking. It serves as a receipt of goods by an airline, as well as a contract of carriage between the shipper and the carrier.

How do I find my Amazon AWB number?

If tracking is available, you can find your package tracking number via the Your Orders page. Click Track Package button and scroll down to the bottom of the page to find tracking number.

How do you use AWB number?

Air Waybill Number

  1. The first 3 digits are the Airline Prefix.
  2. The next 7 digits is the Serial Number of the AWB.
  3. The last digit is the Check digit. The check digit is derived by dividing the 7 digit Serial Number by 7. The remainder determines the Check Digit.

How can I track my tracking number?

How to track a USPS package using

  1. Navigate to
  2. Enter the USPS tracking number (to find it, simply look at the bottom of a shipping label) in the search bar; do not include any dashes or spaces.
  3. Click on “Check Status”.
  4. View the scan history and status information of your package.

What is AWB number in Clovia?

To track shipped orders, we provide AWB (Airway Bill no.) with the carrier name. You can track your order on the carrier’s website using the AWB number given to you. The AWB numbers may sometimes take upto 48 hours from the date of dispatch to become trackable on the carrier’s website.

What is AWB number DHL?

The airwaybill is your shipment’s ticket and passport to enable it to get to its destination. It tells DHL where to take the shipment, what service you require and how you are intending to pay. It tells customs what’s in your shipment, so that it gets cleared through to its final destination with a minimum of delay.

How to contact fan courier for AWB tracking?

Cost estimate. Self AWB. Call courier. General Conditions. Contact. 021 9336 ( Normal call without surcharge ) Search for: feedback.

How to track the status of a courier?

All the details such as current package location, delivery status, dates, e.t.c. will be displayed. You can also track domestic, international as well as mass couriers. The Professional Couriers (TPC) began it’s journey back in the year 1986 and was officially incorporated an year later.

Which is the best courier tracking service in India?

Track Live Courier Status Online Track courier offers easy to use online parcel / shipment / article tracking solution for more than 80 courier services operating in India including speedpost, dtdc, professional, aramex, dhl, first flight, bluedart, fedex, etc. Courier Tracking in India

Is the tracking number on the air waybill correct?

Air Waybill contains checkdigit that depends on previous digits. If calculated checkdigit differs from checkdigit from Air Waybill, this indicates misprint. Check tracking number and provide correct number. Companies available for tracking by Air waybill (AWB)