Has anyone got a 10000 ring from fragrant jewels?

Has anyone got a 10000 ring from fragrant jewels?

Congratulations Nancy Ferguson from Illinois on becoming our most recent $10,000 Ring Winner. Her beautiful ring features a 1.25 carat center stone set in 14k white gold.

How do I cancel my fragrant jewels membership?

You may cancel your Fragrant Jewels Inner Circle Membership at any time. To cancel, please call Customer Support at (855) 550-1129 or email us at [email protected]

How long has fragrant jewels been around?

Location of This Business

BBB File Opened: 10/27/2014
Years in Business: 7
Business Started: 6/5/2014
Business Incorporated: 6/5/2014 in CA, USA
Type of Entity: Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Do Fragrant Jewels rings turn your finger green?

Yes! All of the rings I got do turn your fingers green and within a few days of constant wear turn copper. Don’t buy them. I’ve worn two rings from Fragrant Jewels and haven’t had any quality issues.

Are the rings in fragrant jewels real?

The rings in the bath bombs & candles themselves are definitely real & beautiful, but they aren’t diamond rings if that’s what you’re looking for, this would bankrupt us at our prices. Answer B: The majority of our rings in our products are made of white gold (or rose gold) plate copper with AAA zircon crystals.

Has anyone got a good ring from Jackpot candles?

The shine and quality of the ring is very nice. They give you a code that you can look up on their website to determine the value of the ring. Our ring is valued at $30. 5.0 out of 5 stars Fun gift with a nice ring.

Do you have to subscribe to fragrant jewels?

Fragrant Jewels offers a monthly membership program (the “VIP Club”) that affords members access to exclusive scents available for limited times. To cancel a membership, please call customer support at 1 (855) 550-1129 or email us at [email protected]

How does Fragrant Jewels inner circle work?

As an Inner Circle member you’ll never pay shipping on your monthly box and will receive the collection at up to 35% off. If you want to collect all the ring designs (or just love the scent), you can buy additional product bundles at a discount in the exclusive Inner Circle Store.

Are the rings from Fragrant Jewels real?

What metal does Fragrant Jewels use?

Our Satin Collection rings are 925 sterling silver while our other rings are rose gold plated, gold plated or rhodium plated.

Are the rings from fragrant jewels real?

Is Fragrant Jewels trustworthy?

Scam. They don’t hold up their end of the bargain with their “rare collection” deal and monthly subscription. Cheap jewelry.

How to get fragrant jewels for only$ 10?

So, I drained the bath, dried myself off, dressed, and headed for the computer. I went onto the Fragrant Jewels website and went to their “Appraise/Vault” section of the website and typed in my code. And then… popped up my disappoint; while expected, it was still disappointing. Only $10? Of course it was only $10, but still…

What do the colors in fragrant jewels mean?

Surround yourself in sunshine as whimsical swirls of pink, purple, blue, and yellow will fill your tub! Our multi-sensory bath products are designed to help you travel to that special space no matter where you are, so you can get back in touch with yourself and find balance in daily life.

Why was the fragrant jewels Bubble Bar created?

“Fragrant Jewels was born out of the need to create the occasional escape from the hustle of everyday life…to find an opportunity to get back in touch with myself.” Fragrant Jewels To Me You’re Perfect Candle and Bubble Bar Set with