Does leafa have feelings for Kirito?

Does leafa have feelings for Kirito?

Kirigaya Suguha (Leafa) When Kirito was trapped in SAO, Suguha was conflicted with her feelings for Kirito and eventually realized she loved him.

Is Kirito related to leafa?

After Kirito gets trapped in Sword Art Online, she begins playing ALFheim Online as a Sylph in an attempt to try to understand him better, and it is at this time that she finds out they are cousins rather than siblings; with her mother revealing to her that he is not her biological brother, but is actually her cousin …

What is leafa to Kirito?

First of all, Leafa is Kirito’s sister (or cousin, but their bond is sibling-like). Even though, Leafa liked Kirito in a romantic way, it seemed that he wasn’t interested at all.

Is asuna stronger than leafa?

Leafa does boast strong magic skills and defense, however. Asuna has fought tougher opponents and could likely overwhelm Leafa in time. Maybe not a clear-cut battle, but one Asuna could overcome.

Is vassago Kirito’s brother?

Foxen on Twitter: “#PSA Vassago and Kirito are NOT brothers or related ? Please help anyone who makes this mistake #sao_anime #SAO… “

Who is Kirito’s best friend?

In the Underworld, Kirito grew up with his best friends Eugeo and Alice, and both him and Eugeo were tasked with the calling of cutting down the Gigas Cedar.

Are there any Leafa Sword Art Online figures?

Among the dozens of Leafa renditions, a few of the most popular include the “Sword Art Online: Alicization Leafa: Ex-Chronicle Ver. Limited Premium Figure”, the “EXQ Figure Sword Art Online: Code Register Wedding Suguha”, and the “figma Sword Art Online II Leafa”.

What kind of character is Leafa in otaku?

One character, in particular, Leafa (also known as Suguha Kirigaya), has been recreated into many different figures, a staple of otaku collectibles.

What kind of figure is Leafa from ex-Chronicle?

This figure from Sega’s Limited Premium figure line features Leafa in a unique outfit that was designed specifically for Ex-Chronicle, a Sword Art Online event created to celebrate its 10th anniversary.