Does Kuwait give scholarships to international students?

Does Kuwait give scholarships to international students?

Kuwait is one of the Middle Eastern countries that offers international students an excellent, safe and advanced place to study a degree abroad. There are many Kuwait scholarships for international students offered each year. These include Kuwait university scholarships.

How can I apply for scholarship in Kuwait?

Article (10): Joining Scholarship

  1. Must be a citizen of Kuwait.
  2. Must have a high school diploma or its equivalent.
  3. May not hold a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent.
  4. Major must be on the Ministry’s scholarship plan and needed by the State of Kuwait.
  5. Must be enrolled in classes at the time of his scholarship application.

Who can get merit scholarship?

Students who get admission in technical / professional courses without taking any competitive examination will also be eligible for scholarship. However, such students should have not less than 50% marks at higher secondary/graduation level. Selection of these students will be done strictly on merit basis.

Can I study and work in Kuwait?

Working While Studying International students are not permitted to work in Kuwait as part of the terms of their student visa.

How can I study in Kuwait?

These are the usual requirements needed to study in Kuwait as an international student:

  1. High School Diploma.
  2. Proof of Language Proficiency in English (IELTS or TOEFL)
  3. Assessment of qualifications.
  4. Proof of your nationality like a birth certificate or passport.
  5. University application or registration form.

Who are eligible for scholarships?

Eligibility: 1st-year students of graduation degree/diploma or master’s degree with 60% and above marks in class 10 & 12 can apply; annual family income must not exceed INR 3.5 Lakh. The candidates can be regular or correspondent students. Award: Up to 100% of tuition fee assistance is given to selected students.

What kind of scholarships are available in Kuwait?

The scholarships cover tuition expenses up to the time of graduation at a private higher education institution in Kuwait. In order to be eligible for the Private Education Scholarship, students must meet specific conditions set by the Private University Council (PUC) of the Ministry of Higher Education.

Is the Ministry of Higher Education responsible for the scholarship?

The Ministry of Higher Education bears all expenses during the scholarship period and supervises the student’s progress academically and financially. Merit scholarship Programis a program encouraging students to be competitive in their studies.

What does study mission mean for Kuwaiti students?

Study Mission is when the Ministry of Higher Education sends a Kuwaiti student to attend an approved university abroad to obtain a specific degree, within the time frame of the program and according to the procedures and requirements in this by-law.

What does the Cultural Office of Kuwait do?

Beginning in the 1950’s the Kuwait Cultural Office has served the needs of Kuwaiti students pursuing higher education in the United States and Canada. Through its staff of professional educators, the Office administers the scholarship programs of Kuwait government agencies, private institutions and charitable foundations.