Compport Review – A Very Capable & Flexible Compensation Management Software

Compport Review – A Very Capable & Flexible Compensation Management Software

Planning to invest in a fair and competitive employee compensation program but worried about its huge costs? Looking for a cost-effective software that boosts employees’ productivity and simultaneously attracts valuable talent to the organization?

One such efficient compensation management software is Compport, which gives an ideal opportunity to effortlessly automate important processes like salary increment cycle, bonus, sales incentive, long term incentive plans, reward & recognition and talent analytics and more.

I planned to review this software and dig deeper into its functionalities to help you make an informed decision before investing in a compensation management software for your company. Let us gain insights into the overview of Compport and its exceptional features:

Compport Review – A Very Capable & Flexible Compensation Management Software

Compport Review: Overview

Compport is a flexible and efficient compensation management software that blends excellence with efficiency when it comes to managing the complete compensation process. By providing complete assistance in compensation management, analytics, and employee surveys, Compport automates the HR processes for effective workforce management in the digitally transforming world.

As written on Compport’s website, the software promises an estimated 90% resource efficiency along with 40 times return on investment. After reading the software’s reviews at Capterra, Software Suggest and other popular websites, I found that users are satisfied with Compport and the unique features that it offers.

While I started exploring Compport by considering various use case scenarios, I came to know that this software simplifies complex tasks and ensures an errorless functioning of the processes. By consuming only 30 seconds to design a fully-fledged compensation plan, it acts as a driving force for employees’ efficiency and work progress.

Compport Review – A Very Capable & Flexible Compensation Management Software

Compensation Management

In terms of compensation, Compport stands high among other HR software available in the market. The software enables business owners to meticulously spend their salary review budgets on the right resources and in appropriate proportions. By simulating, comparing multiple options, and launching the ideal one in a few clicks, Compport lets them simplify the critical process in the easiest and fastest way.

This software comes with various plans tailored to match the different requirements of the companies. The plans are as follows:

  • Salary Review Plans
  • Bonus/Incentive Plans
  • Sales Incentive Plans
  • Long Term Incentive Plans
  • Reward & Recognition Plans

Intending to boost the business potential, these plans can help companies to take decisions with optimal limits and appropriate guidance.

People Analytics

Compport Review – A Very Capable & Flexible Compensation Management Software

With multi-dimensional, intuitive, and useful analytics that Compport offers, all the HR professionals can gain valuable insights into the real-time alerts and detailed reports about the employees.

While the increasing need for reporting and analytics is evident in all the companies, this software comes with 1000s of pre-built analytics using which HR managers can download their presentations with a few clicks.

Another thing that I found very interesting in this software is the “Predictive Analytics” feature that can help to predict the turnover of the company, salary increase budget, level of engagement, and more.

This software comes with several analytics plans which involve:

  • Basic Analytics
  • Compensation Analytics
  • Productivity Analytics
  • Talent Analytics

Employee Surveys

Collecting feedback and user insights has never been so easy. The Compport software comes with the largest employee survey library that is ready-to-use and can be launched within 3 minutes by following 3 easy steps. In addition, it also enables the managers to design their own surveys based on the employee life cycle.

The software is enriched with an impeccable action planning that helps to execute and monitor the actions based on the outcomes of the survey.


Compport is a new breed and reliable compensation management/ analytics and survey software that can help to boost the employees’ efficiency, morale, and enthusiasm for shaping a better future of the business. By sharing the vision and synchronizing with the company’s existing system, this best compensation software provides all the necessary features at a competitive price.