Can you save Walter in Fable 3?

Can you save Walter in Fable 3?

No. It’s a story element, so you feel some emotion when Walter dies.

How do you kill the Sentinel in Fable 3?

After a half dozen Minions are dealt with, a Sentinel will challenge you. These tough-looking enemies are actually pushovers if you take care of them from a distance: Charge your magic to three or four levels and fire it directly at the Sentinel. It will only take three charged, directed attacks to kill it!

Does Elliot die in Fable 3?

Elliot is the childhood sweetheart of the female Hero of Brightwall and is the supporting character of the quest Life in the Castle….Wiki Targeted (Games)

Last Appearance Fable III
Status Alive (If spared) Deceased (If executed)

Should I help or abandon Walter Fable 3?

The Hero then has the choice of leaving Walter behind or dragging him on. If the Hero chooses to continue with Walter, Walter will faint a short while after, forcing the Hero to leave him behind anyway. 50 Good for taking Walter as far as possible. 50 Evil for abandoning Walter straight away.

What happens to Walter fable3?

During the battle, the Crawler takes control over Walter, and the Hero must kill him to stop the Crawler. Though mortally wounded, Walter congratulates the Hero for doing what was right, stating that he/she has made him proud. Finally, he dies in the Hero’s arms, who is on the verge of tears.

Where is the dark sanctum in Fable 3?

The Dark Sanctum is an ancient temple of evil located in Mourningwood in Fable III.

What is darkness incarnate?

Darkness Incarnate is a quest in Fable III that begins once the Hero and Walter arrive at the Unknown Shore, in the Auroran continent.

How do you get the best ending in Fable 3?

The way to get the best possible ending is to have built up a massive pile of gold in your personal treasury, and then transfer that money into Albion’s treasury, so you can make all the good desicians while still having the money to do what needs to be done.