Can Monoatomic gold be a danger to your health?

Can Monoatomic gold be a danger to your health?

It does allow your body to operate at a level beyond ordinary conditions and gives you a great boost of energy. However, in the long run it can cause dangerous side effects for the reason that the current state of the human body can’t handle high concentration of energy running through its biocircuitry.

What is Monoatomic gold good for?

MONATOMIC GOLD will HELP US reach heightened states of consciousness and awareness and openings to new ways of being will become apparent to that may not be seen by others. Some positive feedback has included reports of increased physical and mental energy.

When should I take monoatomic gold?

For Best Results – Take Atomic Ormus in the morning on an empty stomach for maximum absorption.

What color is monoatomic gold?

Our 1000-PPM Deep-Red Ultraconcentrated Colloidal Gold Becomes a Deep-Purple Color On The Light Spectrum Due To The Binding Of The Gold Particles With The Monoatomic Elements.

Why do people eat gold?

The earliest evidence about the use of edible gold is among the ancient Egyptians, almost 5000 years ago, where the use of gold were well-known in many fields. The Egyptians used also the gold for mental, bodily and spiritual purification because they believed it to have divine effects.

How does gold affect the human body?

Gold is believed to have a relaxing yet energizing effect. Use gold to improve blood circulation, which in turn regulates the oxygen flow to every part of the body. Gold is used to regulate the body’s temperature control mechanism, which protects us from outside temperature variations and it further boosts immunity.

Is Monatomic gold a drug?

Monatomic gold is supposed to be an “orbitally rearranged monoatomic element.” In fact, these don’t exist chemically, and anyone selling a product like this and claiming health benefits is deliberately scamming you or is confused.

What is white powder gold used for?

White Powder Gold, also called Ormus or even elixir of life, causes a change in the body. It creates a transmutation in the cellular structure, which effects the light that the cell contain. Ormus acts on all multidimensional levels and can ensure that the left and right side of the brain are more balanced.

What is the best monoatomic gold?

Top 10 Best Monoatomic Gold On The Market Reviews 2021

  • Elixir ORMUS – 4oz – Monoatomic Gold.
  • Fourrealms Monoatomic Ormus Liquid Gold.
  • Mother Earth Alchemy Phinheas Manna 8oz Ormus/Manna.
  • I Am Joy: Ormus Gold Oil.
  • I Am Joy: Ormus Shilajit Lion’s Mane Hemp Protein Powder – 44 Vegan Capsules.
  • Phi ORMUS – 8-FL OZ.

Is gold monatomic or diatomic?

Some sources cite the different color of the gold from its usual yellow color as evidence of it being monatomic. Any chemist (or alchemist, for that matter) knows gold is a transition metal that forms colored complexes and also assumes different colors as a pure metal as a thin film.

Is colloidal gold real gold?

A colloid is a suspension of particles in a liquid. That’s the basics: colloidal gold’s definition is simply “gold particles suspended in water”. And yes, colloidal gold is made from real gold and pure water.

What is white powder gold?

ORMUS Gold, also known as Monatomic Gold, White Powder Gold or Manna, is composed of gold atoms that are not held in a metal state. The normal, metallic form of gold consists of large clusters of gold atoms latticed together.

Which is more effective monatomic gold or colloidal gold?

Put in a liquid filler, it stays effective as a superconductor, and while colloidal gold is also suspended in water, the particles are too large for the body’s cells to process effectively. Monatomic Gold are known to plate the cells, turning them into a superconductor.

Why is monoatomic gold not considered a medicine?

In that second lecture, Dave explains that monoatomic gold isn’t a medicine and it isn’t “anti-anything”. Instead, it’s a powerful pro-life force: “This is pro-life. It literally is the spirit. The material is not here to cure aids. The material is not here to cure cancer. The material is here to perfect our bodies.”

How much does a monoatomic gold powder cost?

The company sells dozens of different supplements across different categories, including liquids, powders, m-state supplements, and crystals. The supplements come with unique names like “Conduit” and are priced at around $100 for a small 2 ounce liquid container or around $70 for a 1 gram package of powder.

What kind of metal is monoatomic gold made of?

Monoatomic gold is categorized as an ORMUS metal. ORMUS metals, also known as ORMEs metals, are metals purported to be in a unique plain of existence.