Are Peugeot bicycles still made?

Are Peugeot bicycles still made?

Cycles Peugeot, founded in 1882, is a manufacturer of bicycles based in Sochaux, France and currently a part of Cycleurope, a subsidiary of Sweden-based firm Grimaldi Industri….Cycles Peugeot.

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Type Subsidiary
Products Bicycles
Parent Cycleurope

When did Peugeot stop making bicycles?

ProCycle stopped manufacturing Peugeots in 2001. Since then, the bikes have been a common sight in the used bike market. Hundreds are available on Kijiji, ranging from a $135 commuter to a $1,200 vintage road bike.

Is Peugeot a good bike brand?

Peugeots were very nice bikes in their time, but because it’s steel and ‘aging’, make sure it’s structurally sound (as in, little or no internal rust). External rust can be cleaned up relatively easily, as long as it’s mainly on the surface and hasn’t weakened the tubing.

Does Peugeot sell bikes in the US?

Today, the Peugeot cycling brand is separate from the automotive company. But it’s still going strong, producing both conventional bikes and e-bikes. Its e-bike lineup, up until now, has included road bikes, mountain bikes, and even folding bikes.

How do I identify my Peugeot bike?

The first line on the label is the frame’s serial number, the first item on the second line is the alphanumeric model designation of the bike followed by the two digit frame size measured from the bottom bracket center to the top of the seat lug.

How do you read a Peugeot bike serial number?

number. A frame specific number would have the following format: Y012 12345678. stickers which may be for Carbolite 103 tubing and Reynolds 501 respectively. numbers represent the year and month of production.

Which is the best urban bike from Peugeot?

Face the urban jungle with the fast, agile and efficient URBAN bikes. Take on the urban jungle in style and comfort with PEUGEOT LC01 bikes. Stand out from the crowd with the emblematic symbols of PEUGEOT Legend bikes: the triple lion chainset and the black and white chequered flag. Choose an elegant, practical city bike for all your travel needs.

What to do with a Peugeot road bike?

Push back your limits with the quality accessories available on these PEUGEOT road bikes. Pursue your personal objectives without worrying about your PEUGEOT R02 bike, recognised for its flawless build quality. Take new roads with PEUGEOT R02 Gravel bikes. Discover new horizons and challenge new trails without worrying about stability or tyres.

Where can I buy a Peugeot bike on eBay?

On eBay, you can explore a large inventory of bikes, searching by many parameters, like frame size, color, and price, to match your needs. In addition to the bike, you can find Peugeot bike parts ranging from essential components to fun baskets and accessories to stay on the road.

When was the last time a Peugeot bike was made?

For example, many vintage Peugeot bikes were made in the 1970s. These bikes are visually somewhat different from bikes made in the 1980s and 1990s. If you aren’t sure what particular vintage bike you want, it may help to choose an aesthetic you like or features you want.