Are 50cc mopeds any good?

Are 50cc mopeds any good?

They are a great way to gain road confidence, independence, and experience, but they are a great all-around option that suits all abilities and skills. They really are hard to beat! It’s easy to talk about scooters and their ongoing list of benefits, but you’re not here for that.

What is the best 50cc moped?

Top 5 50cc Scooters

  • Lexmoto Echo 50 – the bargain one.
  • Peugeot Speedfight 4 – the long-time fave.
  • Aprilia SR 50 R – the exotic Italian.
  • Vespa Primavera 50 – the cool retro one.
  • Yamaha Aerox R – the best of the Japanese.

How fast will a 50cc moped go?

What’s the top speed of a 50cc moped? Most 50cc scooters come with a restricted engine, which limits the bike to a top speed of 30mph (48kph). However, a 50cc scooter can go at speeds of up to 60mph (96kph), while most will comfortably reach 40mph (65kph).

What is the best 50cc motorbike to buy?

Top 5 50cc bikes

  1. Aprilia RS 50 – the exotic one.
  2. Rieju MRT 50 – the Spanish flier(s)
  3. Mash Roadstar 50 – the trendy one.
  4. WK Colt 50 – the monkey bike one.
  5. Lexmoto Hunter 50 E4 – the bargain one.

Can I ride a 50cc moped without a CBT?

You can ride a moped (up to 50cc) without L plates. You do not need to take a CBT course or take the full moped test. You must take CBT if you want to ride anything larger than a 50cc moped.

Do you need insurance for a moped?

Even though liability insurance is required for a motorcycle in all but a handful of states, liability insurance for a moped isn’t required in 26 states. However, if you lease or finance your moped, your lender will most likely require you to insure your moped.

Can a 50cc go on a roads?

A 50cc moped is realistically the least powerful vehicle allowed on public roads. There are restrictions on where they’re allowed to ride. For example, you can’t use a moped on A-roads or motorways because of their low top speed.

What age can you ride a 50cc bike?

At 16, you’re quite limited in terms of engine size. The maximum engine size a 16 year old can ride is 50cc. What does this mean in real terms? 50cc is the smallest engine size legally allowed on public roads, and 50cc scooters can reach a top speed of around 28mph.

Do you need a driver’s license to ride a moped?

You must have a motorcycle license (M1 or M2) to drive a moped. You must be at least 16 years old or older to drive a moped, and you must wear a helmet while you ride.

How can I legally ride a moped?

First, you have to complete your CBT. You then have to pass the Motorcycle Theory Test and undertake training and a Practical Test on a machine up to 50cc. The advantages over just passing a CBT course alone, are that you can ride any Moped (up to 50cc) without L-plates and you may carry a pillion passenger.