5 Trends in Offshore Software Development

5 Trends in Offshore Software Development

The term Offshore software development refers to the process as per which the development of any particular software is moved or say offshored for being developed in a country where the cost of production is lower. Thereby, easy management of the set budget. Since the past decade, this trend is growing with the passing days due to the exclusive benefits these offers. These include; bringing improvement in the productivity, lowering the cost, having a software customized from the experts, on-time delivery of the software, etc.

Researches have confirmed the increasing outsourcing trend in the IT industry and this has been referred to as something that is crucial for both the developer and the business to understand for achieving success in their respective industries. Below are the 5 emerging outsourcing trends everyone must know about.

  • Improved data security

Data security has been among one of the major concerns for people. There are a large number of organizations who are choosing to outsource and this is when there lies the increased risk of theft of data

“In order to secure the data and pay attention towards the security issue, it is better not to compromise and showcase the data integrity”

  • Rising cloud computing technology

When it comes to offshore software development, the cloud computing technology acts as a vital part due to the flexibility and scalability it offers. Since it is known for gaining popularity with every passing year, different researches conducted have also proved that it is a technology that guarantees the amount of profits earned and the level to which customers today have achieved the perfect satisfaction level. Alongside the services being maintained, it is also a technology that helps in making the business a reliable one.

Some of the other benefits that comes with the use of this technology is enhancing the security as well as communication. As per the latest surveys from all over the world, the use of this technology will become an on-going trend. Thereby, bringing improvement in the productivity.

“The development of the customized software has never been an easier task, the complexity is what makes the companies embrace the trend of offshore software development”

  • Robotic process and artificial intelligence

As far as the automation is concerned, trigger the changes that may appear in the nearby future. One willing to get things automated, companies these days are choosing to make heavy investment in both the robotic process and the artificial intelligence as these involves a breakneck speed.

  • Growing offshore locations

When it comes to outsourcing the development of software, there are two countries; India and China leading and are preferred by the businesses. Over the year, these two countries are facing stiff competition from the Europe side while at the same time countries like Romania, Poland, Ukraine, and others are also expected to turn into the outsourcing hub.

“Ukraine has turned itself into being one of the fresh offshore locations with 1666,000 software developers”

  • Make use of the collaborative tool

Increasing the use of collaborative tools is more like accomplishing some of the common objectives set by the company. Even the app developers in the growing trend chooses to make use of the collaborative tool as one does not require any for the cost, management of time and a lot more. Some of the trendy tools includes the following;

  • Trello- This project management and storage tool is the one that can assist the team members in organizing the conversation, attachments, and other small task.
  • Jira- A popularly-recognized software solution, high in trend works basically in the software development. Making use of this can help the clients in tailoring the scrum boards, and finally checking onto the status.

“Collaboration serves to act as a bridge between both the onshore and offshore development”

What other offshore software development trends have you seen? Feel free to share with us in the comment box as below!