Why was the VROD discontinued?

Why was the VROD discontinued?

The Harley Davidson V Rod Discontinue seemed to happen from its 2018 model line-up. While the model got released in the early time of 2001, the Harley Davidson V Rod discontinued recently. The reason behind this kind of a design is that this particular model was primarily made to target the non-Harley customer base.

What is the last year Harley Davidson V Rod was made?

The 2017 V-Rod Muscle and Night Rod Special were the final iterations of the VRSC (V-Twin Racing Street Custom) line. Introduced in 2001, the V-Rod was intended to compete with Japanese motorcycles that many riders were flocking to as reliable, low-cost Harley alternatives.

How many cc is a Harley VROD?

1247 cc
Harley Davidson V ROD Specifications

Mileage (ARAI) 18 Kmpl
Displacement 1247 cc
Engine Type Liquid-Cooled, Revolution, 60 Degree V-Twin
No. of Cylinders 2
Max Power 115 bhp @ 9000 rpm

Which V-Rod is the best?

The 10 Best Harley Davidson V Rod Models of All-Time

  • VRCSB V-Rod.
  • VRSCD Night Rod.
  • VRSCDX Night Rod Special.
  • VRSCF V-Rod Muscle.
  • VRSCSE Screamin’ Eagle CVO V-Rod.
  • VRSCR Street Rod.
  • VRSCX V-Rod.
  • VRXSE V-Rod Destroyer. This is probably one of the most impressive motorcycles ever made, regardless of the manufacturer in question.

Are v rods fuel injected?

A New V2 Engine for the Harley “V-Rod” With a DOHC valvetrain and electronically controlled fuel injection, the VRSC-series Harley with its four-valve engine put out up to 120 hp.

Is the V-Rod water-cooled?

The Harley-Davidson VRSC (V-twin racing street custom), or V-Rod, is a line of V-twin cruiser motorcycles made by Harley-Davidson from 1999 until 2017….Harley-Davidson VRSC.

Manufacturer Harley-Davidson
Production 2001–2017
Class Muscle bike
Engine 1,131 cc (69.0 cu in) 2001-2007 1,247 cc (76.1 cu in) 2008-2017 water-cooled 60° V-twin