Who makes TSC printers?

Who makes TSC printers?

Facts and Support. Formerly the Thermal Printer Division of Taiwan Semiconductor Company, TSC Auto ID Technology was founded August 1, 2007 and is based in Li Tse, I-lan county, Taiwan. Its parent company, Taiwan Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

How do I setup a TSC printer?


  1. Place the printer on a flat, secure surface.
  2. Make sure the power switch is off.
  3. Connect the printer to the computer with the provided USB cable.
  4. Plug the power cord into the AC power cord socket at the rear of the printer, and then plug the power cord into a properly grounded power outlet.

How do I check warranty on TSC printer?

TSC Authorized Service Center, Call – 09810822688 or Mail – [email protected]

  1. Websites: Visit: https://www.tscprinters.com/
  2. For Drivers: Visit: https://support.tscprintersindia.com/driver-download.
  3. For Software: Visit: https://support.tscprintersindia.com/software-download.
  4. For Data Sheet:

How do I update the firmware on my TSC printer?

Open “[Your Desktop]\TSCFirmware” folder and select “SELFTEST. prn”. Then click “Open”. Printer should print a self test page as shown above, if you see “Alpha-3R Version: 1.53 EZC” on top of the printed page, then firmware upgrade is successfully completed.

What do TSC mean?


Acronym Definition
TSC Technology Service Corporation
TSC Tactical Support Center
TSC Teaching Support Centre
TSC Thermally Stimulated Current

Which barcode printer is the best?

The best barcode label printers are:

  • Zebra ZD410: Best overall barcode label printer.
  • Rollo: Best for ecommerce businesses that print a high volume of shipping labels.
  • Zebra ZQ630: Best for retail operations that need RFID tracking.
  • Cardinal Detecto DL1030P: Best for food operations that sell items by weight.

How do I install a bar code on my printer?

Once the COM port is setup, login to OnCommand and run the barcode printer configuration (File- >Settings->Parts Inventory->Configure Barcode Printer). Choose the COM port that you set the printer to and press “Configure Barcode Printer”, wait for a message that says it finished.

How do I connect my bartender to my printer?


  1. Accept the license agreement.
  2. Determine Installation Directory (default is recommended)
  3. Confirm UAC Screen.
  4. Seagull Driver Wizards screen appears, select “Install printer drivers” radio button.
  5. Select the proper connection type in the Connect Printer screen.

How do I download a TSC printer driver?

TSC Service Center, Call – 09810822688 or Mail – [email protected]

  1. Websites: Visit: https://www.tscprinters.com/
  2. For Drivers: Visit: https://supportcenter.indianbarcode.com/download-drivers.
  3. For Software: Visit: https://supportcenter.indianbarcode.com/download-software.
  4. For Data Sheet:

How do I add a TSC printer to my Mac?

Guide to setup TSC printers on Apple Macintosh Mac Os Snap Hardware white page

  1. Double click on file and select Continue and Install from following Form.
  2. Insert administrator’s username and password (in the example we are using an user named TSC)
  3. A new Dialog will show thath installation is done.

What does TSC stand for Military?

A theater sustainment command is a United States Army logistics headquarters. The theater sustainment command is the senior army logistics command in a theater. The command is a modular organization tailored to meet specific requirements of the theater.

What is the full from of TSC?

TSC Full Form is Technology Services Corps.

Which is TSC barcode printer does thermal transfer?

TSC TTP-345 Thermal Barcode Printer provides both thermal transfer and direct thermal printing at user selectable speed of: 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 or 5.0 ips, for TTP-245/345 series. Fonts and bar codes can be printed in 4 directions, 8 different alphanumeric bitmap fonts and a build-in true type font capability.

What kind of printer is the TSC te244?

The TE244 Series provides throughout the world with a durable, entry-level desktop printer that is both versatile and easy-to-use.

Which is the TSC barcode printer 203 dpi?

The two available models include the TE244 which provides the industry standard 8 dots per mm (203 DPI) print resolution at an industry best 6 inches per second, and the 12 dots per mm (203 DPI) TE244 for use with printing small fonts, barcodes, or graphics.

Who is the first company in the world to supply hp thermal inkjet printers?

First company in the world to supply this technology. FAM is HP® partner and develops printers equipped with Hp thermal inkjet technology. FAM is also exclusive distributor of Kao Collins® (Collins Ink). Maximize your savings, and optimize the performance of your high-resolution, drop-on-demand, and continuous inkjet coders …