Who is the current CEO of Petrobras Brazil?

Who is the current CEO of Petrobras Brazil?

Joaquim Silva e Luna is the CEO of Petrobras. A Reserve Army General, Silva e Luna served in the Ministry of Defense from March 2014 to January 2019 as the Secretary General of the Ministry and as the Minister of Defense.

When did the Petrobras scandal start in Brazil?

The investigation – dubbed Operation Car Wash – actually started eight months ago. But it was only in recent days that it became clear how far it might go. Last Friday, Brazilian Police carried out raids across six Brazilian states.

Who is the Executive Director of Petrobras exploration and production?

Fernando Assumpção Borges is the executive director of Exploration and Production. He holds a degree in civil engineering from the Federal University of Uberlândia, an Executive MBA from COPPEAD/UFRJ, and attended the Advanced Management Program at INSEAD (France).

Who was the third tier executive in the Petrobras scandal?

Pedro Barusco, a third-tier executive who reported to Renato Duque, Petrobras’s director for engineering and services, agreed to return $100 million he had stolen from the company and deposited in foreign bank accounts.

How many people were arrested in the Petrobras scandal?

More than 30 individuals were arrested in operations carried out nationally by federal police starting in mid-November 2014. The accused were taken to a detention centre in Curitiba, the southern city in which the federal judge Sérgio Fernando Moro presided over the case.

How did the Petrobras scandal affect the Brazilian economy?

In the event, the faltering Brazilian economy not only plunged into recession but also became mired in an economic crisis that, according to some sources, was the worst Brazil had experienced since 1901, with inflation climbing.