Who is fakhar e Alam father?

Who is fakhar e Alam father?

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Akleem Akhtar
Died 1 July 2002 (aged 70–71) Lahore, Pakistan
Partner(s) General Yahya Khan (Military ruler of Pakistan from 1969 to 1971)
Children 6
Relatives Fakhar-e-Alam (grandson)Adnan Sami

Is Faakhir Mehmood Pathan?

Faakhir Mehmood (Urdu: فاخر محمود‎) is a Pakistani actor, singer, keyboradist, composer and music producer. He started out his career in a Pakistani musical group called Awaz….Faakhir Mehmood.

Faakhir Mehmood فاخر محمود
Also known as Faakhir
Born 20 April 1973
Origin Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
Genres Pop

How old is Fakhir?

48 years (April 20, 1973)
Faakhir Mehmood/Age

How old is Haroon singer?

48 years (May 11, 1973)
Aaron Haroon Rashid/Age

What happened to Yahya Khan?

Death. Yahya remained under house arrest until 1979, when he was released from the custody by martial law administrator General Fazle Haq. He stayed out from public events and died on 10 August 1980 in Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan.

Who is the mother of Adnan Sami?

Naureen Khan
Adnan Sami/Mothers

He was raised and educated in the United Kingdom. His father, Arshad Sami Khan, was a Pakistani Pashtun while his mother Naureen Khan was an Indian from Jammu. Adnan’s father served as a Pakistan Air Force pilot, before becoming a senior bureaucrat and serving as Pakistan’s ambassador to 14 countries.

Is Haroon Rashid Pakistani?

Aaron Haroon Rashid simply known as Haroon,is a British-born Pakistani Peabody award winning singer-songwriter, music producer, composer, director and social activist. Haroon was born in London, England, to a Pakistani-British father and New Zealand mother.

Who is Haroon Rasheed journalist?

Haroon Al Rashid (Urdu:پیر ہارون الرشید) (born 1935) is the leader of the Nisbat-e-Rasooli Sufi order in Mohra Sharif, Pakistan as of 1960, and is known by the honorific Pir.

When did Yahya resigned?

Following these events, he turned over the leadership of the country to Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, the leading politician from West Pakistan, and resigned from the command of the military in disgrace, both on 20 December 1971.

Who was General Yahya Khan 4 marks?

Yahya Khan, in full Agha Mohammad Yahya Khan, (born February 4, 1917, near Peshawar, India [now in Pakistan]—died August 10, 1980, Rawalpindi, Pakistan), president of Pakistan (1969–71), a professional soldier who became commander in chief of the Pakistani armed forces in 1966.

Who was Adnan Sami first wife?

actress Zeba Bakhtiar
Personal life. Sami first married to actress Zeba Bakhtiar in 1993, with whom he had a son named Azaan Sami Khan. They divorced after three years.