Which CDAC center is best for placement?

Which CDAC center is best for placement?

Best Top 10 Ranking wise Best CDAC Institute in India

Rank CDAC Institute
3 CDAC Knowledge Park

What is CDAC course fee?

Admission – Online Diploma Courses

CATEGORY I (Section A in C-CAT)
PG-DAC Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Computing Rs 76,500 + GST
PG-DMC Post Graduate Diploma in Mobile Computing Rs 76,500 + GST
PG-DAI Post Graduate Diploma in Artificial Intelligence Rs 127,500 + GST

Is C-DAC a government job?

C-DAC Recruitment 2021: Government job alert for Project Engineer and other posts – Check eligibility, last date.

Is CDAC online or offline?

Admissions to all Post Graduate Diploma courses of C-DAC are done through C-DAC’s computerized Common Admission Test (C-CAT). Candidates have to apply for C-CAT online at www.cdac.in or acts.cdac.in.

What salary package has CDAC student?

Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC) Salaries 2021, Average salary ₹21 lakhs | 6figr.

Is CDAC exam tough?

CDAC is an easy exam to crack if planned properly. Your basic concepts should be clear. Section A : There are total 50 questions from Aptitude,Resoning and English, level of question.

Is CDAC a good option?

CDAC Is definitely the best option to join for fresh graduates as well as students who are unemployed after completing their graduation. Also it is advisable to do a PG Diploma course from CDAC for those who are seeking a job change or salary hike.

Can I do CDAC after BSC?

Yes a Bsc student can easily pursue CDAC course if he / she wants to enter in the IT sector and can pursue course related to his / her interest.

Can I join CDAC after 12th?

Yes ofcourse. Cdac placement eligibility depends on the grades you get in cdac and the location of cdac institute.

Who can take CCAT?

C-DAC CCAT 2021 is a national-level exam with three categories of the question papers. The eligibility criteria differ for all three but the common eligibility requirement is that the candidate must be a graduate in engineering or equivalent or a postgraduate in engineering sciences with the corresponding basic degree.

Is C-DAC exam tough?

What is salary after C-DAC?

Employees who graduate from Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC) earn an average of ₹21lakhs, mostly ranging from ₹5lakhs to ₹48lakhs based on 1263 profiles.