Where was the train derailment in New York City?

Where was the train derailment in New York City?

Aerial view of the derailment. On the morning of December 1, 2013, a Metro-North Railroad Hudson Line passenger train derailed near the Spuyten Duyvil station in the New York City borough of the Bronx. Four of about 115 passengers were killed and another 61 injured; the accident caused $9 million worth of damage.

When was the last train accident in New York?

The derailment was the first accident involving passenger fatalities in Metro-North’s 30-year history, and its first accident in New York involving any fatalities since a 1988 collision in Mount Vernon that killed one crew member. It was the deadliest train accident within New York City since a 1991 subway derailment in Manhattan.

When was the Ninth Avenue train derailment in 1905?

Downtown-bound trains displayed disks indicating to the towerman at the junction whether he should set the switch for the train to enter the curve or proceed straight on to the 50th Street station. During the morning rush hour on September 11, 1905, a Ninth Avenue train following a Sixth Avenue train was mistakenly switched onto the curve.

When did the Metro North train accident happen?

Due to a number of other recent accidents involving Metro-North trains and tracks, the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) demanded improved safety measures, which Metro-North began implementing within a week of the accident. In late 2014, almost a year after the accident, the NTSB released its final report on the accident.

Where can I watch train derailments on YouTube?

To avoid this, cancel and sign in to YouTube on your computer. I make videos of trains mainly in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Florida and West Virginia. My specialty has been the Peavine Line also known as the Cincinnati Line. This line runs from Clare Yard in Mariemont Ohio MP 9 to Portsmouth Ohio about MP 105.

Where did the Spuyten Duyvil train derailment take place?

Since Metro-North uses push-pull trains, it was situated at the northern, or rear, end of the train to minimize noise on the underground platforms at Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan, its final destination, where it was scheduled to arrive at 7:43. It carried about 115 passengers.