When did the Super Rugby season start in 2011?

When did the Super Rugby season start in 2011?

Including its past iterations as Super 12 and Super 14, this was the 16th season for the Southern Hemisphere’s premier transnational club competition. The season kicked off in February 2011, with pre-season matches held from mid-January.

When did James Gunn make the movie Super?

Super was Gunn’s second film dealing with superheroes, the first being The Specials in 2000 that he wrote, but did not direct. Gunn has said that examining superheroes from a different angle interests him, and that he may do more films concerning the subject in the future.

How did the Bahraini uprising end in 2011?

On 14 March, 1,000 troops from Saudi Arabia and 500 troops from UAE entered Bahrain and crushed the uprising. A day later, King Hamad declared martial law and a three-month state of emergency. Pearl Roundabout was cleared of protesters and the iconic statue at its center was destroyed.

What was the budget for the movie Super?

The film was released unrated in U.S. theaters, and later received an R rating for its DVD / Blu-ray release. Upon release, Super received mixed reviews from critics and grossed over $590,000 against a budget of $2.5 million, making it Gunn’s lowest-grossing film.

Where did the Crusaders finish in Super Rugby in 2011?

The Crusaders finished top of the New Zealand conference, an outstanding performance after the effect of the February 2011 Christchurch earthquake on the team, including the cancellation of their match with the Hurricanes and the loss of their home ground for the season.

How many matches are there in Super Rugby?

The Reds won 18–13 to claim their first Super Rugby title. Covering 21 weeks, the schedule featured a total of 125 matches. The 15 teams were grouped by geography, labelled the Australian Conference, New Zealand Conference and the South African Conference. With the new format, the regular season consisted of two types of matches:

Where did the Reds qualify for the Super Rugby final?

The Reds had qualified in first place after the regular competition rounds, while the Crusaders qualified in third. The Reds went straight to the semi-final, where they beat New Zealand team the Blues.