When did the Smart Fortwo cabriolet come out?

When did the Smart Fortwo cabriolet come out?

SMART introduced a facelifted version for the ForTwo cabriolet in 2010 and enhanced the vehicle in all areas, starting with the exterior look and ending with the revised engines. While it had a troublesome start, the SMART project was pushed forward by Mercedes-Benz even when it was losing money on every car sold.

Is the 2010 Smart Fortwo a good car?

Edmunds’ Expert Review The 2010 Smart Fortwo is a capable city car, but its high price, herky-jerky transmission and unpleasant highway ride reduce its appeal compared to other small cars.

What kind of engine does a Smart Fortwo have?

There are only minor equipment changes for the 2010 Smart Fortwo. New options include leather upholstery and automatic lights and wipers. Every 2010 Smart Fortwo is powered by a rear-mounted 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine that squeezes out 70 horsepower and 68 pound-feet of torque.

What are the ratings of the Smart Fortwo?

Despite its tiny size, the Smart car has performed well in crash testing. In government crash tests, the Smart was awarded four out of five stars for frontal crash protection of the driver and three stars for passenger protection. In side impacts, the Smart was awarded a perfect five out of five stars.

Is the 2012 Smart Fortwo a good car?

Still stylish and quirky, the 2012 Smart Fortwo can be a fun and useful car for tight urban spaces where its size and maneuverability is an asset; but for even occasional highway driving, nearly any other small car would be a better pick.

What are the new features on the Smart Fortwo?

For 2012, Smart has bolstered the Fortwo’s equipment list. Seat-net pockets have been added, and there’s a new standard interior fabric. Ambient lighting and a cruise-control package are new options, as well as center-console storage, and a new smart ‘entryline’ radio is also available.

How tall is the Smart Fortwo roller skate?

With its slab sides and non-existent nose, the ForTwo looks wide for its length of less than 9 feet, and taller than some subcompacts. It still can impress, from some angles, as a roller skate on wheels, and especially from the front, it’s kind of cute.