What was Christmas like in the Victorian era?

What was Christmas like in the Victorian era?

The Victorians also transformed the idea of Christmas so that it became centred around the family. The preparation and eating of the feast, decorations and gift giving, entertainments and parlour games – all were essential to the celebration of the festival and were to be shared by the whole family.

What were three popular Christmas carols in the Victorian era?

Victorian Era Christmas Songs:

1818 Silent Night Franz Xaver Gruber, Joseph Mohr
1857 Jingle Bells James Lord Pierpont
1857 We Three Kings of Orient Are John Henry Hopkins, Jr.
1862 Angels We Have Heard on High James Chadwick (Translation)
1864 Up on the House Top Benjamin Hanby

How do you do a Victorian Christmas?

How to have a Victorian Christmas: 8 simple steps

  1. Buy (or make) gifts. (Image credit: Getty)
  2. Create a wreath. (Image credit: Getty)
  3. Write cards. (Image credit: Getty)
  4. Decorate the tree. (Image credit: Getty)
  5. Prepare the feast. (Image credit: Getty)
  6. Drink and be merry.
  7. Go carolling.
  8. Play games and enjoy the festivities.

How did the Victorians decorate for Christmas?

Victorians decorated their fresh-cut evergreen trees with beads, tinsel, paper ornaments and jeweled baubles. Despite the Victorians’ affection for live greenery, artificial Christmas trees were also a common element of holiday decor. Beneath the tree, a vignette of miniature houses re-created a cozy winter scene.

What did Victorians sing at Christmas?

AC: A firm favourite throughout the 19th century was the lovely Silent Night. Schoolmaster Franz Xaver Gruber and priest Joseph Mohr first performed the carol in the church of St Nikola in Oberndorf, Austria, in its original German (Stille Nacht) on Christmas Eve 1818.

Did Victorians sing Christmas carols?

While carols were not invented by the Victorians, it was a tradition that they actively revived. Some Victorians felt traditional Christmas carols were being forgotten so published books of popular carols.

When were classic Christmas songs written?

Music associated with Christmas is thought to have its origins in 4th-century Rome, in Latin-language hymns such as Veni redemptor gentium. By the 13th century, under the influence of Francis of Assisi, the tradition of popular Christmas songs in regional native languages developed.

Why did the Victorians celebrate Christmas?

The Victorian age placed great importance on family, so it follows that Christmas was celebrated at home. For many, the new railway networks made this possible. Those who had left the countryside to seek work in cities could return home for Christmas and spend their precious days off with loved ones.

What did Victorians put on their Christmas tree?

Christmas trees were traditionally decorated with dried fruit, candies in wrappers, cookies, nuts, and strands of popcorn or cranberries. Small home made gifts were also popular. Decorations of tin, leather or glass would become cherished heirlooms.