What type of options are in a submittal stamp?

What type of options are in a submittal stamp?

Options can include: approved, approved as noted, revise and resubmit, no action taken, or submittal not required by contract documents. Architect returns submittal to contractor.

What is a submittal review?

The submittal review process provides important system of checks and balances during the construction phase of a project. The purpose is to ensure that the end result conforms to the design intent depicted in the construction documents and meets the expectations of the owner.

What are the contractor’s submittal responsibilities?

It is the responsibility of the contractor to select products and materials that comply with the contract document requirements, submit them to the architect for approval, and incorporate the approved products and materials into the work of the project.

Are shop drawings stamped?

Since shop drawings are strictly of, by and for the Contractor’s means-and-methods work plan, it would be a violation of license law for architects to stamp/seal and sign them, as if shop drawings were professional design documents prepared under the Architect’s supervision.

What are the three types of submittals?

Submittals can be categorized as follows:

  • Preconstruction Submittals.
  • Construction Submittals.
  • Closeout and Maintenance Submittals.

What is the difference between an RFI and a submittal?

An RFI is very similar to a construction submittal and can be sent by a subcontractor when they are creating a submittal that will eventually go forward for approval. This article provides a detailed guide to requests for information and what these requests entail during construction projects.

What is the purpose of a submittal?

Purpose: Submittals are required by the contract in order to regulate the timely flow of materials to be incorporated into work. They are necessary to demonstrate that the proposed materials, etc., are in compliance with the contract.

What is a contractor submittal?

Construction submittals are defined by bizfluent as “documents submitted by the contractor to the architect for his approval for use in a project,” while Lexology explains that “Submittals consist of information provided by the contractor to the design professional for approval of equipment, materials, etc.

What is the difference between shop drawings and working drawings?

Working drawings help to represent components and communicate with end clients. Shop drawings, on the other hand, are used by fabricators to know how the components will be manufactured and installed during the construction process.

Do architects approved shop drawings?

Shop drawings are often specified for parts of a project which are included in the contract documents in design drawings or performance specifications and for which the architect has left the manufacture, fabrication or construction to the discretion of the contractor but for which the architect retains the right of …

Who is responsible to review all submittals before submitting to the government?

The Government will review all intermediate and final design submittals for conformance with the technical requirements of the Solicitation. Section 01 33 16.00 10 DESIGN DATA (DESIGN AFTER AWARD) covers the design submittal and review process in detail.

What is a submittal schedule?

The Schedule of Submittals (or Submittal Log) is a list of all the required submittals from the Contractor for the project. The Project Representative will review the Schedule of Submittals and may request revisions from the Contractor. The Contractor will receive a notification in Unifier when it is approved.

What kind of stamps are available for submittal review?

We offer a wide variety of Submittal Review Stamps which include shop drawing review stamps, general review stamps, contractor review stamps, customized submittal stamps and more. Our Submittal Review Stamps are available in Traditional Rubber Hand Stamps, Self-Inking Stamps and Pre-Inked Stamps.

What kind of stamp do I need for an individual contractor?

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What is shop drawing submittal Review option 1?

Contractor, Architect and Engineer Shop Drawing Submittal Review Stamp Option 1 comes Personalized with your Company Information with the following checkboxes: These checkboxes can be altered to anything you need. Our shop drawing stamp language is industry standard.

What should I look for during submittal review?

Acceptance of manufacturers and products that are not specified requires a separate substitution request. Do not review and approve submittals including substitutions without separate documentation, proving the substitution meets the intent of the construction documents. Consider the substitution request first, independent of the submittal.