What size is a Kampa 390 awning?

What size is a Kampa 390 awning?

390 x 275cm
Dimensions: 390 x 275cm. Caravan Height: 235-250cm.

What PSI should my Kampa awning be?

Kampa AIR awnings have an ideal inflation pressure of between 8 and 12 psi and have been tested to 22 psi. This is substantially higher than other inflatable awnings and ensures that Kampa AIR awnings are the strongest and most stable available – they make other awnings look wobbly.

How are air awnings measured?

Cut the string at the point where it meets the ground at the front, having made a quick visual check to make sure that the string hasn’t broken or detached from the peg to the rear of the caravan. Measure the length of the string, in centimetres. This is your caravan’s A-Measurement and your caravan awning size.

Which is the best tent company?

Here are our top picks for the best tent manufacturers:

  • Hilleberg.
  • Big Agnes.
  • MSR.
  • Vango.
  • The North Face.
  • Black Diamond.
  • Alpkit.
  • Nemo.

Will a 390 awning fit my caravan?

Most porch awnings are advertised with a brand and model name followed by numbers, for example the Kampa Rally Air Pro 390. The number indicates the length of straight rail required for that awning, so in this instance you would need 390cm. Most porch awnings will fit caravans 235-250cm high.

What size is a 14 awning?

Caravan Awning Size Guide

Size Measurement
13 950 to 975
14 975 to 1000
15 1000 to 1025

Is Kampa owned by Dometic?

Kampa was taken over in December 2018 by global giant Dometic, whose wide range of products include fridges for the caravan market as well as cool boxes.

Are Kampa and Dometic the same company?

Kampa were first to market with their inflatable awnings and Airframe technology which they use in caravan, campervan and motorhome awnings and also in their tent ranges. Kampa is now part of the Dometic group, and in 2020 they have rebranded as Kampa Dometic.

Is Kampa a good brand of awning?

It may not look as perfect as your classic pole awning, but this is such a versatile, well-made product that even doubters of inflatable caravan awnings may make the switch. Kampa is 10 years old this year, and has built up a market-leading position in inflatable caravan awnings.

Did My Kampa 340 pro awning explode?

My Kampa 340 Pro Awning has exploded… My Kampa 340 Pro Awning has exploded causing it to deflate. It was inflated to 9psi using a Kampa auto cut off pump, the outside temperature was 22oc. It was the main inflation leg that exploded causing a large tear in the inner tube and outside casing.

Will a Kampa TV aerial fit in a caravan overall?

Edit: Ive just realised the caravan overall hieght includes the TV aerial and is not the awning rail hieght, Kampa should fit fine. More sharing options… “Do/can the Kampa ones store in a bag attached to the awning rail like some of the cheaper ones? Or do they require threading through each time? Ta.” Anyone? More sharing options…

What’s new with Kampa this year?

All Kampa’s PVC windows are now 40% thicker. Curtains have been kept neutral (like the grey awning itself), but this year they are held back with PVC stays. The awning can be inflated from one point only, and from that one point the entire awning is inflated – which Kampa calls single-point inflation.