What size are Traxxas Stampede wheels?

What size are Traxxas Stampede wheels?

Traxxas Stampede 4×4 XL-5 4 4 MAXX 2.8″ TIRES & ALL STAR CHROME WHEELS 12mm.

What wheels fit Traxxas Slash 4X4?

Slash 4X4 models use “2WD rear” wheels on all four corners. Traxxas short-course wheels are labeled to show compatibility for use as front or rear wheels. You can also differentiate front-offset and rear-offset wheels by the opening for the mounting nut. The front wheels have greater offset, and a deeper opening.

Is the Traxxas Stampede discontinued?

►Stampede 4X4 VXL (6708L) These models are no longer being produced, but are still supported by Traxxas. These models are the latest and greatest model lineup from Traxxas.

How fast is the Traxxas Stampede 4X4?

60 mph
Outfitted with Velineon brushless horsepower and a lightweight modular chassis, the Stampede 4X4 VXL tops out at over 60 mph.

What size are Traxxas Rustler wheels?

Overview: The RXT Black Chrome Wheels, Talon Extreme tires, (2.8″) with foam inserts are assembled and glued. They are also TSM rated….

Brand Traxxas
Material TPR
Product Dimensions 9 x 4.5 x 2.5 inches; 10.24 Ounces

What size are stock Traxxas Slash Tires?

Overall Diameter: 4.25″ (108mm) Overall Width: 1.8″ (46mm) Rim Size: 2.2″/3.0″

How fast will a Traxxas Stampede go?

With a top speed of 30+mph, the Stampede is plenty capable straight out of the box, but sometimes stock power just isn’t enough.

What’s the fastest Traxxas?

“Traxxas claims its all-wheel-drive XO-1 is the world’s fastest ready-to-run, electric RC supercar. It says the XO-1 can hit 60 mph in 2.3 seconds and exceed 100 mph.

Is the Traxxas Stampede a 4 wheel drive truck?

1/10 Scale Brushed High-Performance Monster Truck! Speed, style, versatility, and fun…Stampede 4X4 has it all! The Stampede 4X4 is built Traxxas Tough ™ to withstand all the 4-wheel drive monster mayhem you can dish out. Its tall, drive-over-anything ground clearance and ultra-tough, long-arm suspension make Stampede 4X4 feel nearly indestructible.

What kind of tires does a stampede 4×4 use?

Titan-powered Stampede 4X4’s include Maxx tires (left) with very prominent tread bars that are great for car-crushing, but for enhanced high-speed performance we swapped them for a set of Talons ( 3669A) as used by the Stampede 4X4 VXL.

What do you need to build a stampede 4×4?

The steering blocks also include fresh bearings. The Titan-powered Stampede 4X4 kits use convenient one-piece plastic camber links and steel turnbuckles to set front toe-in. The optional TUBES camber links ( 3643R, 3644R) and toe links ( 6742R) offer increased strength and adjustability.

How many Traxxas Stampede wheelie bars are there?

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