What kind of skates do CCM hockey players use?

What kind of skates do CCM hockey players use?

The CCM JetSpeed FT480 Youth Skate is a great first choice for the young, excited hockey player who is looking to further develop their hockey skills. CCM developed the FT480’s to meet the needs of young hockey players by giving them more stability and balance on the ice.

How big are CCM Ribcor ice hockey skates?

The CCM RibCor 78K Skate is perfect for anyone looking for elite performance and fit at a fraction of the cost. The 78K boasts the same composite lightweight boot as the flagship 80K, which makes it stand out from the competition with its unmatched explosiveness, responsiveness and out of the box. Sizes: 1.0 – 10.0

Where can I buy hockey skates for my child?

If you’re a parent, buying hockey skates for your beginner can be a challenge. The number of choices can be overwhelming. A quick look reveals familiar makers like Bauer and CCM, each with a variety of models for players of every age and every level of play.

What kind of skates do mission hockey use?

Mission Hockey Skates are represented by the Inhaler series which are the most breathable skates on the market. They offer both player and goalie skates at multiple different price points so you will see great features passed down the line. Mission skates generally fit a size and a half down from your normal shoe size to get the most accurate fit.

Which is better CCM Jetspeed or Ribcor skates?

Ribcor’s flexible fit is better for a narrow forefoot and comes with a symmetrical heel lock in a more flexible boot. Spend time discovering the differences in fit and construction between the various CCM skate lines—they’re not all the same. Whether you’re looking for an anatomical, tapered, or flexible fit, CCM makes a skate for you.

What kind of skates are in ice warehouse?

The CCM JetSpeed FT480 Black Skates was built for players looking for elite-level performance and comfort without the big price tag. This Ice Warehouse exclusive model offers even more value since they come with SB XS1 Black Runners, typically only found on the top-of-the-line FT2!