What is the orange exclamation light on a Toyota Corolla?

What is the orange exclamation light on a Toyota Corolla?

Tire pressure warning light (if equipped): If you see what looks like an exclamation point inside an open circle, then one or more of your tires could be low on air. If the light stays on after filling your tires, then have the system checked as soon as you can.

What does exclamation point on Toyota dashboard mean?

tire pressure
A flat tire can ruin your day, so look for the horseshoe-shaped light that features an exclamation point in the center. This warning light indicates that your Toyota’s tire pressure has gotten too low, so you need to visit a dealership or service station to add air.

What do all the Toyota dashboard warning lights mean?

The Most Common Toyota Warning Lights ABS Warning Light. Charging System Warning Light. Electric Power Steering (EPS) Warning Light. Low Engine Oil Pressure Warning Light. Low Fuel Level Warning Light. Low Washer Fluid Warning Light. Maintenance Required Light. Master Warning Light. SRS Airbag On-Off Indicator. SRS Warning Light.

What do my Toyota dashboard lights mean?

What Do These Toyota Dashboard Symbols Mean? ABS Warning Light This light appears when there is a fault in the ABS braking system. Automatic High Beams Indicator Symbol is lit green and comes on automatically when automatic high beams are active. All Wheel Drive (AWD) Lock Indicator Indicates that all-wheel-drive lock mode has been activated.

What does the maintenance light mean on a Toyota Corolla?

The “Maintenance Required” light on the Toyota Corolla is illuminated when the vehicle has traveled 4,500 miles after it has been reset. If your “Maintenance Required” light is lit but you no longer need the reminder, you can reset the light with these steps.

What do the Honda warning lights on your dash mean?

Some of the Honda condition warning lights you’ll see include: Red “BRAKE” – Once again this red symbol can be used to notify drivers that the parking brake is in use. Red Passenger Symbol – This is notifying passengers to put on their safety belt. Flat Yellow Tire with “!” – Your tire pressure is low and must be refilled.