What is the name of the restaurant in balltown Iowa?

What is the name of the restaurant in balltown Iowa?

Breitbach’s Country Dining is a casual dining restaurant and bar located in the town of Balltown in Dubuque County, Iowa, United States. Breitbach’s is the oldest continuously operating restaurant and bar in the state of Iowa, having been open since August 23, 1852.

What is there to do in balltown Iowa?

Best Things To Do near Balltown, IA 52073

  • Park Farm Winery. 8.8 mi.
  • Dubuque Arboretum & Botanical Gardens. 10.6 mi.
  • The National Brewery Museum. 7.8 mi.
  • Y’ALLBEE TUBIN. 7.1 mi.
  • Stonefield Historic Site. 9.9 mi.
  • Spirit of Dubuque Sightseeing & Dinner Cruises. 11.5 mi.
  • Eagle Point Park. 13.1 mi.
  • Amelia’s Galena Ghost Tours Inc. 27.1 mi.

What is the oldest restaurant in Iowa?

Breitbach’s Country Dining
Breitbach’s Country Dining — the sixth generation restaurant in tiny Balltown, Iowa, and the oldest restaurant and bar in Iowa — made that list of 50 restaurants to try before you die.

Where is Breitbach’s Country Dining In Balltown Ohio?

Breitbach’s Country Dining. Breitbach’s is located at 563 Balltown Road in Balltown. The place offers classic Midwestern dishes, including German ethnic foods such as sauerkraut, sausage, and coleslaw. It has been featured in an episode of Food Network ‘s Feasting on Asphalt 2: The River Run, which showcased the restaurant’s quality pies,…

Where is the best overlook in Balltown Iowa?

Just a short walk from the restaurant you will find one of the best overlooks of the Mississippi River valley. Sunny or cloudy, summer or winter, the overlook is a sight not to be missed. You can find us in Balltown, IA.

Where is Breitbach’s Country Dining in Sherrill, Iowa?

Breitbach’s country dining worth the drive! We drove from davenport Iowa to eat here. We saw this story from a movie doc “spinning plates”. Just driving through the countryside was a treat with its corn fields, blufffs, forests, and rivers. The restaurant is closely situated near a bluff that looks over…

What foods are served at Breitbach’s in Iowa?

Since 1852, Breitbach’s has been making Iowans their favorite breakfast, lunch and dinner from scratch. Alton and his Feasting on Asphalt crew devoured Breitbach’s pies with flavors like walnut, black raspberry and rhubarb custard. If it’s Saturday, go for the prime rib dinner.