What is the movie Antz about?

What is the movie Antz about?

Z the worker ant (Woody Allen) strives to reconcile his own individuality with the communal work-ethic of the ant colony. He falls in love with ant-Princess Bala (Sharon Stone), Z strives to make social inroads, and then must save the ant colony from the treacherous scheming of the evil General Mandible (Gene Hackman) that threaten to wipe out the entire worker population.
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Is the movie Antz Disney?

Antz was the first film from DreamWorks Animation, and the third feature-length computer-animated film after Disney and Pixar’s Toy Story (1995) and NDR Filmes’s Cassiopeia (1996). The film received positive reviews, with critics praising the voice cast, animation, humor, and its appeal towards adults.

Will there be Antz 2?

Antz 2: The Return of the Colony is an Animated Sequel that releases in August 7, 2019, and DVD releases in January 23, 2020.

Who is Weaver in Antz?

Sylvester Stallone
Antz (1998) – Sylvester Stallone as Weaver – IMDb.

Is Antz a ripoff?

That false perception is mostly attributable to the unusual case of Antz. When it hit theaters in 1998 it was, after Toy Story in 1995, only the second feature-length computer animated film ever made. Yet it was already widely considered a knock-off to a presumably superior Pixar movie that hadn’t even come out yet.

What came first Bugs Life or Antz?

But when former Disney head honcho Jeffrey Katzenberg’s DreamWorks Animation emerged a few years later, it seemed that the second and third CG-animated films were going to be very similar indeed. Remarkably, DreamWorks’ Antz and Pixar’s A Bug’s Life were released within six weeks of each other in 1998.

Is Antz or bugs life better?

While Antz might be funnier and also play home to some brilliant ant characters, when it comes to the wider cast, A Bug’s Life is much better. The circus characters bring so much to this Pixar classic in terms of both comedy and emotions.

Which came first Antz or bugs life?

Who is the bad guy in Antz?

What matters is the Colony. He’s willing to live for the Colony. To fight for the Colony. To die for the Colony.

Who produced ants?

Brad Lewis
Aron WarnerPatty Wooton

Whats better A Bugs Life or Antz?

Why did Antz copied Bug’s Life?

It was suspected that Katzenberg had simply stolen the premise for Bugs and encouraged his animators to work long hours so that Antz would beat its inspiration to theaters, even though Katzenberg traced the projects’ roots back to an older pitch. DreamWorks was able to save valuable time by skimping on quality.