What is the mean of Bringer?

What is the mean of Bringer?

countable noun. A bringer of something is someone who brings or provides it. [literary] He was the bringer of good news. [

What is another word for Bringer?

deliver; provide; supply; bring; send; furnish; put up for shipment; bring around; ship; bring along; carry; hand over to; send round; give; deliver to the door; hand over; leave; land; get; fetch; convey; institute; work; play; make for; wreak; take; bring in; add; contribute; lend; impart; bestow.

What is famous in noun?

fame is the noun of famous.

What does Bringer mean in German?

German Translation. Überbringer. More German words for bringer. der Überbringer noun. bearer, messenger, presenter.

What is Bringer in Latin?

ignis noun. fire, light, flame, lustre, luster. More Latin Translations. bringer.

Is Bringer a correct word?

bringer, nounoutbring, verb (used with object), out·brought, out·bring·ing.

Is Bringer a word?

What is the synonym of Harbinger?

Some common synonyms of harbinger are forerunner, herald, and precursor. While all these words mean “one that goes before or announces the coming of another,” harbinger and herald both apply, chiefly figuratively, to one that proclaims or announces the coming or arrival of a notable event.

What is adjective of nation?

national Add to list Share. National is an adjective that refers to something or someone that belongs to a nation or country. A national is also a citizen of a nation.

What word means bringer of death?

You could use “Hades” as an alternative to “Death” or the word “Stygian” to describe the “Bringer”. For examples – Herald of Stygian gloom or Stygian king etc.

What does death Bringer mean in Spanish?

Spanish Translation. portador de la muerte.

Are there any synonyms for the Word Bringer?

Synonyms for bringer include supplier, donor, giver, source, contributor, provider, purveyor, seller, spreader and teller. Find more similar words at wordhippo.com!

Which is worse a bringer or a bearer?

fairy godmother. “The bringer is always way worse than the person who actually ruins the party.”. Noun. . A person or thing that carries or holds something. bearer. carrier. agent. conveyor.

What is the meaning of the word bring in?

[ bring ] / brɪŋ /. to carry, convey, conduct, or cause (someone or something) to come with, to, or toward the speaker: Bring the suitcase to my house. He brought his brother to my office. to cause to come to or toward oneself; attract: Her scream brought the police.

Who is the bringer of good things to men?

Sometimes the funereal dove (like the funereal crow) is the bringer of joy and good things to men and gods. In another locality he is the bringer of grapes and barley sheaves. She even felt an impulse of gratitude, and a superstitious conviction that this girl would be for her a bringer of good fortune. The Guests Of Hercules |C. N.