What is the description of stratus?

What is the description of stratus?

More specifically, the term stratus is used to describe flat, hazy, featureless clouds at low altitudes varying in color from dark gray to nearly white. The word stratus comes from the Latin prefix strato-, meaning “layer”. Stratus clouds may produce a light drizzle or a small amount of snow.

What is an example of stratus?

Fog is a stratus cloud in contact with the ground. Fog is common in valleys on winter mornings, due to nocturnal raditional cooling and drainage flow.

What are the characteristics of stratus?

Stratus clouds are low-level layers with a fairly uniform grey or white colour. Often the scene of dull, overcast days in its ‘nebulosus’ form, they can persist for long periods of time. They are the lowest-lying cloud type and sometimes appear at the surface in the form of mist or fog.

What is an example of stratus clouds?

Stratus clouds are thick, gray, heavy clouds that cover the sky like a blanket. Altostratus are thin mid-level clouds are grayish blue in color. And nimbostratus has active precipitation, in the form of rain or snow, falling from it. The stratocumulus cloud is a low-level cloud that appears in a honeycomb shape.

What’s the definition of cirrostratus?

: a fairly uniform high thin cloud layer darker than cirrus and often covering the entire sky — see cloud illustration.

What are the 3 types of stratus clouds?

Stratus Cloud Varieties Stratus clouds have three associated cloud varieties: opacus, translucidus, and undulatus.

What are mid and high level stratus clouds called?

Cloud identification and classification throughout the homosphere

Form Level Stratiform non-convective Cirriform mostly non-convective
High-level Cirrostratus Cirrus
Mid-level Altostratus
Towering vertical
Multi-level or moderate vertical Nimbostratus

How are clouds named?

According to his system, clouds are given Latin names corresponding to their appearance — layered or convective— and their altitude. These clouds look lumpy and piled up, like a cauliflower. Convective cloud types are indicated by the root word cumulo, which means “heap” in Latin.

Which is the best definition of the word stratus?

Definition of stratus : a low cloud form extending over a large area at altitudes of usually 2000 to 7000 feet (600 to 2100 meters) — see cloud illustration Examples of stratus in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web Instead, Tom should take a review day to make sure that cumulus and stratus are firmly in his brain.

What is the altitude of Stratus?

Definition of stratus. : a low cloud form extending over a large area at altitudes of usually 2000 to 7000 feet (600 to 2100 meters) — see cloud illustration.

When do stratus clouds form how are they formed?

During times when the ground has been cooler and then warmer air moves in, the moisture condenses and forms stratus clouds. The size and thickness of the cloud depends on the amount of moisture and the temperature on the ground. Stratus clouds are low-level clouds close to the ground, so at times,…

What is the meaning of the word Strati?

Plural strati (străt′ī, strā′tī) A diffuse, grayish cloud that often produces drizzle and is formed primarily in altitudes no higher than 2,000 m (6,560 ft). A stratus cloud close to the ground or water is called fog.