What is the best golf shaft brand?

What is the best golf shaft brand?

5 Best Golf Driver Shafts (and Fairway Wood Shafts)

  1. Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro Series (Best Driver Shafts Overall) First up on our list of best driver shafts is the Mitsubishi Tensei shafts.
  2. Fujikura Ventus Black.
  3. Project X HZRDUS Smoke Shaft.
  4. Project X EvenFlow.
  5. KBS TD Graphite.

How much does a good golf shaft cost?

Regular flex shafts can range from $30 to well over $550 (without installation). Stiff – At this level of flex, driving distance is more a function of the golfer’s physical ability.

Do premium golf shafts make a difference?

On average, our testers swung the aftermarket shafts 1.36 MPH faster than the stock shafts. Next we looked at ball speed. Again, aftermarket shafts won 9/10 trials. The average difference here was +2.66 MPH for aftermarket shafts.

How do I choose the right golf shaft?


  1. Choose between graphite and steel shafts.
  2. Select the proper flex for your swing.
  3. Determine the kick point of your shaft and the amount of torque you generate.
  4. Determine the best shaft weight.
  5. Choose the shaft flex point: low, mid or high.

Do pros use steel or graphite shafts for irons?

Do Pros Use Graphite or Steel Irons? The majority of PGA Tour pros will use graphite shafts for their woods and steel shafts for their irons. This is because they generally have high swing speeds and benefit from the stiffer, more durable, steel shafts.

Where can I find reviews of golf shafts?

Golf Shaft Reviews is my freelance journal about golf shafts. If you want to understand golf shafts you have come to the right place. Here you can learn why some shafts work for you and others do not. I encourage you share your comments about what you experience with the shafts reviewed.

Who are the owners of Accra golf shafts?

The owners of ACCRA have a long history in golf shaft production and golf club fitting. The company is dedicated to professional golf club fitters. Their products are developed from feedback from the top golf club fitters in the world. The ACCRA TZ line incorporates high modulus material into the Tour Z design.

What kind of finish does Accra iSeries golf shaft have?

The ACCRA iSeries has a unique step pattern. It is stepped in the butt end and stepless from the mid section down. It also has a unique finish called Eco-Satin. It has the look of brushed chrome, but is in fact a coating that prevents rust and eliminates the chemicals required in the Nickel-Chrome plating process.

What kind of golf shaft does True Temper use?

Premium golf Management and True Temper Sports partnered in 2016. That partnership made PGMC the distributor of True Temper, ACCRA and most recently Aerotech golf shafts to the professional golf club fitting and building community. The ACCRA iSeries Steel iron shaft is a taper tip constant weight design available in 105, 115 and 125 gram models.