What is spring return damper actuator?

What is spring return damper actuator?

A spring return damper allows the ability to remotely control a device, which is often required to adhere to safety standards. If the actuator loses power, air supply, or hydraulic pressure, the springs expand and return the actuated component to its original position, known as the fail position.

How does Belimo actuator work?

A modulating actuator will position, or throttle, the damper or valve as commanded by the controller to achieve a desired position or flow. With a 2-10 VDC control signal, the damper or valve is typically closed in response to a 2 VDC signal, half open with a 6 VDC signal, and fully open with a 10 VDC signal.

How does a spring return actuator work?

Spring-return actuators have air or liquid supplied to only one side of the piston, and the energy to move the mechanisms comes from a spring on the opposite side. This configuration uses pneumatic or hydraulic pressure of the air or liquid to open or close the valve, and a spring affects the opposite motion.

What is SR actuator?

The AFB24-SR is a spring return direct coupled damper actuator. The actuator operates in response to a 2 to 10 VDC, 2 to 10 V phasecut, or with the addition of a 500 ohm resistor, a 4 to 20 mA control input from an electronic controller or positioner.

How does a damper actuator work?

Actuators in HVAC systems control the dampers. By utilizing a low voltage signal, the actuator places the damper at any point between fully open and fully closed. A critical element of an HVAC system, proper actuators ensure that zone dampers function properly – without them, the dampers won’t function at all.

What is a non spring return actuator?

Spring Return actuators utilize an internal spring that drives the actuator open or closed on loss of power. Non-Spring return actuators stay in their current position on loss of power.

How do I manually open Belimo actuator?

Use the lock switch to hold the actuator position after cranking, or in the case of the FSAF reverse the crank 1/4 turn to lock the position. To release, apply voltage or wind slightly more until the lock disengages. Non-spring return actuators have a manual override button on the side.

How do I choose a damper actuator?

So the first step in selection of the proper damper actuator is to find the damper’s square footage AREA. A simple formula of Width X Height divided by 144 will give you the square footage of a damper. Example: The damper in question is 45 inches X 23 inches using the formula.

What is a non-spring return actuator?

What is use of damper actuator?

Damper actuators are powered devices that are used to operate a damper and adjust the flow of air and smoke. There are two basic types: electric and pneumatic.

What is a spring return valve?

Also known as a single-acting valve, a spring return works by having a supply of air or liquid on only one side of the piston. When the media fills the piston, the valve opens or closes. Then, when the supply is cut off, a spring mechanism removes the media and reverses the valve position.