What is SimpliVity OmniCube?

What is SimpliVity OmniCube?

SimpliVity is an IT vendor best known for the hyper-converged storage product OmniCube. The OmniCube is a 2U converged storage box that contains PCI Express flash cards and hard disk drives. It uses SimpliVity’s OmniStack technology, which allows for features such as deduplication and compression.

What is SimpliVity arbiter?

The Arbiter is a service which acts as a witness to maintain quorum for an HPE SimpliVity Cluster to ensure data availability and data consistency should a SimpliVity host experience downtime or become inaccessible.

How does SimpliVity backup work?

How do HPE SimpliVity Backups work? HPE SimpliVity was designed to perform VM-centric backups; it can complete backups extremely quickly while maintaining application performance irrespective of the VM size. When you perform an HPE SimpliVity backup, it creates a fully independent logical copy of the virtual machine.

Does SimpliVity use vSAN?

SimpliVity and VSAN are competitive technologies – SimpliVIty does not use VSAN software at all, but does run on VMware (and Hyper-V, today). Every SimpliVity node is an independant RAID array – you need 5 VSAN nodes to match the reliability of 2 SimpliVity nodes.

What hypervisor does SimpliVity use?

SimpliVity supports VMWare(ESXi), Microsoft (Hyper-V) hypervisors and is compatible with the Citrix Rady HCI Workspace Appliance Program.

Does SimpliVity use VSAN?

What is one of the benefits of HPE SimpliVity data protection features?

With built-in resiliency, backup, and disaster recovery, HPE SimpliVity provides powerful data protection that reduces data loss along with lowering the risk of ransomware attacks on your enterprise.

Does SimpliVity support Hyper-V?

Hyper-converged storage maker SimpliVity has announced it will natively support the Hyper-V hypervisor when Microsoft makes Windows Server 2016 generally available.

What is HPE Hyper converged?

Hyperconvergence is an IT framework that combines storage, computing and networking into a single system to reduce data centre complexity and streamline operations.

Is SimpliVity data encrypted?

HPE SimpliVity also provides powerful encryption to secure even the most sensitive data, such as HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley, with HPE Secure Encryption—a level-1 validated solution that secures your sensitive data-at-rest.