What is an alligator clip for badge reels?

What is an alligator clip for badge reels?

Product Description The alligator clip offers a more secure hold as opposed to a conventional belt clip. All clips rotate 360 degrees ensuring your displayed information is always right side up. Spice up your reels with some stickers, acrylic paints or even puffy paint!

Which is better alligator clip or belt clip?

Belt clip is recommended if you wear your badge on your pants, shirt pocket, or in the “v” of your shirt. Alligator clip is standard but since my jewelry is heavy, clipping high on the collar, by the shoulder is the best place. My badges are very sturdy, but not indestructible.

Whats the difference between an alligator clip and a slide clip?

Alligator clips swivel in all directions allowing you to pull your retractable line in any direction you may need it. – Slide clips can only be pulled in one direction (down). Slide clips can support larger badge reel designs.

What is a belt clip?

Belt clip, 16 mm wide, to make a holster for a weapon, knife, your spectacles, cell phone, or a flashlight. The clip is riveted through a 4 mm openings, or sewn into the holster itself. Made of 0.8 mm steel, (nickel plated), to ensure ample strength of the clip itself as well as of its grip on the belt.

What is a clip belt?

noun. A clip by which an object can be attached to a person’s belt.

What holds a badge?

Lanyards are commonly used to display badges, tickets or ID cards for identification where security is required, such as businesses, corporations, hospitals, prisons, conventions, trade fairs, and backstage passes used in the entertainment industry.

What is a badge clip?

In its most basic form, a badge reel is square or round shape. It typically measures 1.25″ in diameter and has a belt clip on the back for attaching the badge reel to clothing. There are different types of clips used as the clothing attachment on the badge reel.

What are duckbill clips for?

Diane Duck Bill Hair Clips work great for sectioning hair and creating gorgeous pin curls! Durable and comfortable to use, these hair styling clips hold sections while cutting, styling or blow-drying. Sleep with clips in place, or allow enough time for hair to dry and set.

Why are they called alligator clips?

Alligator Clips An alligator clip (also called a crocodile clip outside of the US) is a spring loaded metal clip that is used for making temporary electrical connections. The name comes from the resemblance to an alligator or crocodile’s jaws as the clip is sometimes serrated with little “teeth”.

What are belt keepers?

Belt keepers wrap around the duty belt and trouser belt, ensuring that the belt stays in place, even when the officer is taking something from the belt or engaging in an altercation with a suspect.