What is a contract flight attendant?

What is a contract flight attendant?

If I get a trip— great. They can take trips when they want and fly as many, or as few days, as they want. Generally, these types of private cabin attendants are called “contract” in the United States and “freelance” in Europe. You essentially work for yourself.

Do flight attendants have contracts?

Depending on which airline you work for depends how long your Flight Attendant contract is. I was employed on a 3 year contract with the opportunity to sign up for another contract once I had successfully completed the first. So many crew say they will only stay for one contract and end up staying 10 years.

Are flight attendants unionized?

The Association of Flight Attendants-CWA (AFA-CWA) is the flight attendant union organized by flight attendants for flight attendants. All AFA-CWA officers are flight attendants who solicit member input on policy and financial decisions. …

How do I find flight attendants?

Flight attendant job offers. 6 ways of searching for them.

  1. Aviation job websites.
  2. Airline websites for cabin crew job offers.
  3. Facebook groups with flight attendant job offers and discussions.
  4. Linkedin.
  5. Aviation Forums.
  6. Friends and friends of friends.

Do airline workers have a union?

The Association of Flight Attendants-CWA (commonly known as AFA) is a union representing flight attendants in the United States. As of January 2018, AFA represents 50,000 flight attendants at 20 airlines. AFA is also an affiliate of the International Transport Workers’ Federation.

Is the AFA United flight attendant agreement binding?

B. Successorship and Mergers 1 . This Agreement shall be binding upon any successor or assign of the Company unless and until changed in accordance with the provisions of the Railway Labor Act, as amended .

Can a flight attendant be furloughed without Union consent?

During such time of separate operations, Flight Attendants shall not be interchanged without the Union’s written consent . e . Until the processes described in Paragraphs B .3 . and B .4 . above are completed, no employee covered by this Agreement shall be furloughed as an effect of the merger, purchase or acquisition .

Can a flight attendant union arbitrate a grievance?

The Company agrees to arbitrate any grievance filed by the Union alleging a violation of this Section on an expedited basis directly before the System Board of Adjustment sitting with a neutral arbitrator mutually acceptable to both parties .

When does integration of flight attendant groups take place?

Integration of the Flight Attendant groups shall not occur until the applicable seniority lists are merged pursuant to procedures as described above, and agreement is reached over rates of pay, rules, and working conditions for the post-merger craft or class .