What happened to missguided in Bluewater?

What happened to missguided in Bluewater?

// Missguided’s Bluewater store will remain open According to Drapers, the loss-making store – which marked the online retailer’s first-ever permanent bricks-and-mortar store when it opened in November 2016 – will close down at the end of February.

Why is Bluewater called Bluewater?

Blue Circle owned the 240 acre site, and their quarry provided chalk for the builders of London. The idea for a shopping centre was muted by Godfrey Bradman’s Shearwater shopping centre company, who approached Blue Circle to propose the building of a shopping complex on the quarry, and so Bluewater plc was born.

Is there a misguided in Bluewater?

Missguided | Bluewater Shopping & Retail Destination, Kent.

Is Bluewater in Kent or London?

Bluewater Shopping Centre (commonly referred to as Bluewater) is an out-of-town shopping centre in Stone (postally Greenhithe), Kent, England, outside the M25 Orbital motorway, 17.8 miles (28.6 km) east south-east of London’s centre.

What was Bluewater built on?

Opened on 16 March 1999 in a former chalk quarry after ten years of building works, the site including car parks occupies 240 acres (97 ha) and has a sales floor area of 154,000 m2 (1,600,000 ft2) over three levels, making it the fifth-largest shopping centre in the UK (after Westfield London, MetroCentre, Trafford …

Which is better Bluewater or Lakeside?

Bluewater is much better than it’s rather downbeat neighbour over the Essex border from Dartford – Lakeside – just need to add a bit more variety to the shopping experience to make this centre FAB! Food Galore! Bluewater has a very good variety of food places with price ranges for all.

How many bluewaters are there in the UK?

It is owned by four major UK institutions, Prudential plc and PRUPIM (35%), Land Securities (30%), the Lend Lease Retail Partnership (25%) and Hermes (10%)….Bluewater (shopping centre)

No. of stores and services 330
No. of anchor tenants 3 (M&S, House of Fraser & John Lewis)
Total retail floor area 1,675,955 square feet (155,701.3 m2)

Who is the CEO of Bluewater?

The Bluewater Management Team consists of five Vice Presidents and Hugo Heerema as the President and CEO.