What happened to girl who collapsed American Idol?

What happened to girl who collapsed American Idol?

An “American Idol” contestant collapsed following her audition and was hospitalized for dehydration. Lagoke, who performed a duet alongside fellow contestant Ronda Felton, hit her chin as she landed on the ground. She received immediate medical attention on the set.

Is the girl that fainted on American Idol OK?

More videos on YouTube Season 19 of the hit singing competition show stars Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Richie as judges. The show later explained to viewers with a title card that Lagoke was OK. “Funke was treated for dehydration and released from the hospital. She will return for the showstopper round.”

What happened Mara Justine?

Mara Justine was a singer act from Season 9 of America’s Got Talent. She was eliminated in the Finals….

Mara Justine
Seasons 9
Position Reached Finalist

Why did Wyant drop out of American Idol?

Fan-favorite Wyatt Pike dropped out of American Idol for personal reasons and has been releasing his own original music since he left the show. The 20-year-old singer and Utah native Wyatt Pike was a fan favorite on this season of American Idol.

Who passed on American Idol?

But, with success also comes sadness, as the “American Idol” family has also had to deal with some tragedy throughout the years. Most recently, it was revealed that Season 1 contestant Nikki McKibbin had passed away. According to Pop Culture, the singer died at the age of 42 on November 1, 2020.

Who collapsed on American Idol 2021?

American Idol contestant collapses on stage after auditioning in front of judges. She was taken to hospital and treated for dehydration. American Idol contestant Funke Lagoke was rushed to hospital after collapsing on stage during the show’s Hollywood Week round.

Why is Lionel Richie not on American Idol this week?

Lionel may not have been in the American Idol studio but he WAS judging the show from home. The superstar singer was a virtual judge after being exposed to Covid-19. Even though the singer has not been tested positive, he is taking all the measures to ensure he stays healthy. …

Who was the winner of American Idol 2018?

Maddie Poppe
American Idol – Season 16/Winners
Maddie Poppe from Clarksville, Iowa won the season on May 21, 2018, while her boyfriend Caleb Lee Hutchinson was the runner-up, and Gabby Barrett finished in third place. Poppe was the first female winner since Candice Glover in season twelve.

Why does the girl on American Idol have an eyepatch?

Andrea Valles was wearing an eye patch due to a retina detachment surgery she underwent prior to the Sunday, April 4 episode. Valles spoke about the surgery on the show and admitted to taking life as it comes, saying: “You have to learn to push through and just roll with the punches.”

Who was voted off American Idol last night?

Claudia Conway’s “ American Idol” dream has come to an end. The teenage daughter of former Trump administration spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway was voted off the TV talent show Monday night — while getting high praise from show judge Katy Perry. “You’re just coming to life.

How old is Jane Carrey from American Idol?

24 year old Jane Carrey tries out for American Idol. (She is the Daughter of Jim Carrey!)

Who was the girl that crashed her dad’s voice audition?

Claire crashed her dad’s Blind Audition to sing “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” from the classic film Toy Story. Check out the adorable performance below. Dave originally auditioned after posting several videos with Claire on YouTube that went viral online.

Who was eliminated in the blind auditions on the voice?

They gave her a standing ovation. Blake joked that he would like to have Claire on his team. After all of the cuteness on the stage, Dave chose to be on Team Adam. He was eliminated from the competition during The Battles which came as a shock since he had such a memorable Blind Audition.