What food does Lena not eat that Harold is not aware of?

What food does Lena not eat that Harold is not aware of?

Harold continues to buy ice cream every week and never notices that Lena never eats any of it. He has no idea that she hates it and that it makes her nauseous.

What realization does Waverly come to after confronting her mother the day after the dinner?

Waverly realizes that she has long misunderstood her mother. She adds that she and Rich have postponed their wedding because Lindo told them they should wait until October to take their honeymoon in China.

How did Lindo Jong escape her marriage?

She had to obey. Very quickly, Lindo discerned that her future husband, Tyan-yu, was arrogant and spoiled and that her future mother-in-law, Huang Taitai, was cruel and detached. Tyan-yu fell asleep, and Lindo blew out his end of the tradition-old marriage candle, which was lighted at both ends.

What does Lena mean when she says she sees things with her Chinese eyes?

Lena sees part of her identity as handed down from her mother. Part of this identity includes her “Chinese eyes,” which see freaky things… Lena’s intense and dark imagination comes from her mother’s side. Jing-mei’s determination to be ordinary manifests itself as hostility towards any kind of self-improvement.

Why can’t you put a mirror at the foot of a bed Joy Luck Club?

In the parable that precedes the third section, a mother visits her daughter’s new condominium. She expresses dismay at the mirror her daughter has placed at the foot of the bed: she believes superstitiously that this mirror will cause her daughter’s marriage happiness to bounce back and deflect away.

What does Lena’s mother break when she visits her house?

The fragile table in the guest bedroom (where Lena’s mother is staying) has fallen and the vase on it shattered.

Who is Waverly’s final opponent?

Who is Waverly’s final opponent? Waverly imagines her mother as her final opponent. On page 100, she describes her opponent as having “dark slits” for eyes, a description that is similar to the “black slits” she used to describe her mother’s eyes during the confrontation in the market (p. 99).

How did Waverly’s mother treat her when she returned home after running away?

How did Waverly’s mother treat her when she returned home after running away? Her mother treated her as though she didn’t exist. What was Waverly’s mother’s view of “rules”? She believed that people from foreign countries must learn the American “rules.”

How did Ying-Ying lose herself?

She is caught by a fishing boat. They ask her to point to her boat, and she mistakenly points to a boat where the little girl is safe. Ying-ying feels lost forever. Her rescuers drop her off on shore.

Why didnt Lindo get pregnant?

Huang Taitai gets super frustrated that Lindo still isn’t pregnant. But instead of making Lindo pregnant, getting rid of metal has the effect of lightening up Lindo and making her start to think independently. She plots a way to escape her marriage without breaking her promise to her parents.

What does Ying-Ying’s shadow symbolize?

Then it will come to you and hide in the comfort of your shadow.” Later, Ying-ying discovers her shadow, “the dark side of me that had my same restless nature.” The shadow here is symbolic of Ying-ying’s being pulled between obedience, which leads to her being part of a group, and independence, which leads to isolation …

Why is it called rice husband?

Clair: “Rice Husband” The boy had always treated Lena like a bully, and thus, to avoid having to marry him, the young Lena scraped every last grain of rice from her bowl: now she would marry only a smooth-faced man. Yet Ying-ying reminded Lena that for many years she had habitually left grains standing in her bowl.