What does SIS mean on PowerSchool?

What does SIS mean on PowerSchool?

Student Information System Software
Award-Winning Student Information System Software. Focused on driving your success, PowerSchool SIS is the leading student information system software solution for K-12 educational institutions.

What is PowerSchool parent portal?

Q: What is the PowerSchool Parent Portal? A: The parent portal is an online portal accessible anywhere on the web that parents can log in to and see all of their children in one place, their grades, assignments, scores, attendance, schedules, and school bulletins for each school your children attend.

How do teachers login to PowerSchool?

  1. Teacher Login for PowerTeacher.
  2. Open Internet Explorer.
  3. http://powerschool.ctreg14.org/teachers (Home)
  4. Type in your Name and Password.
  5. Change Password in Powerschool.
  6. Once you are in PowerSchool, go to Personalize on the left menu screen.
  7. o When you get the URL address for PowerSchool, save it to your favorites for.

How do I access my PowerSchool account?

Type the PowerSchool URL into the address bar of your browser and press “Enter.” Click on “Student Access.” The Username and Password fields will display on-screen. Enter your PowerSchool login credentials, then click “Submit.” In most cases, the Username will be your Student ID number.

What does SIS mean?

Summary of Key Points

Definition: Sister
Type: Abbreviation
Guessability: 1: Easy to guess
Typical Users: Adults and Teenagers

How do I find my PowerSchool password?


  1. Click the link Forgot Username or Password.
  2. Enter the username and email address for your account, then click Enter.
  3. You should receive the email as an email from your school.
  4. Click on the password reset link in the email you receive.
  5. Enter a new password.

Is there a PowerSchool app for teachers?

The PowerSchool Teacher App is installed in your Schoology course so that you can sync materials and grades from your Schoology gradebook to your PowerSchool gradebook. You can also use the app to manually sync materials and grades from Schoology to PowerSchool.

How do you get PowerSchool disabled?

Log into PowerSchool from an administrator account (not the account you’ve shared with Clever). Navigate to the System Administrator view (click on the left menu link for ‘System’). Click on the link for ‘Security’. Click on the link for ‘Locked Accounts’.

How do I find my CBE ID number?

The CBE Student ID can be found: on your child’s report card beside their name. on your child’s student ID card. if neither of these are available, you may need to ask your child for the number or visit your school in person. (The CBE cannot give out this number over the phone.)