What does NSFL mean on Reddit?

What does NSFL mean on Reddit?

The posts are always labelled NSFL (aka “not safe for life”—meaning it’s not really safe to view anywhere, a play on the standard “not safe for work” tag given to illicit content on the web.).

What is not safe for life?

A shortened warning that some Redditors use in accompaniment to their link is “NSFL.” NSFL is a twist on the term “NSFW,” which accompanies links that are Not Safe For Work. NSFL are links Not Safe For Life — meaning that they contain disturbing material that is not appropriate no matter what.

Can I remove Subreddits from R all?

Blocking specific subreddits was a piece of cake, with the option readily available on the r/all page. All you needed to do to get a bothersome subreddit off your feed was enter its name into the search box labeled filter subreddit, click the + icon – and you’d be done.

What does R all mean?

r/all: This is a less filtered feed of the most popular posts on Reddit. When you’re on r/all, sexually explicit posts are filtered out but other popular Not Safe for Work (NSFW) posts are included. You can also filter communities you don’t wish to see from r/all.

Is NSFL worse than NSFW?

There’s a related term to NSFW, which is NSFL (Not Safe for Life). Generally, it means content that is so terrible that you may be affected by it after viewing. There is no more NSFW. It’s now all NSFL.

What does NSFW mean in discord?

not safe for work
NSFW is an internet acronym that means “not safe for work.” NSFW often serves as a content warning, urging the viewer to use discretion or avoid the post or image when they are in a professional or public setting.

Why is NSFW a thing?

Despite its literal meaning (not safe for work), the NSFW acronym is used to save you from any kind of public embarrassment (or, you know, from traumatizing your kids). In some cases, NSFW is used to indicate that a webpage may make you uncomfortable—that’s how broad of a word we’re dealing with.

Can you hide Subreddits on mobile?

It is not possible to block subreddits on mobile without subscribing to Reddit Premium. You can also filter out subreddits from r/popular and r/all as well as block subreddits on mobile with reddit premium.

How do I hide Subreddits from home?

From the column on the left, select Subreddits. Under this section, select the FilteReddit option. On this panel, scroll down to the subreddit section and click +add filter to enter the name of the subreddit you want to filter out i.e., hide.

What does R mean PS4 games?

Answers. R-All (region All) is to state that it not region locked to a specific areas, like PS2 were. R-All would mean that, if you had a JPN console, you would STILL be able to play this. if you ordered teh UK version of the game and had it imported to USA, you’re able to play it on the NA consoles.

Is popular the same as R all?

Basically, /r/popular will show the same top posts that /r/all does except that it will not show posts that come from certain classes of subreddits: NSFW or 18+ subreddits. If you scroll far enough down on /r/all you will often come across pornographic content.

What does NSFL stand for in Urban Dictionary?

Get a NSFL mug for your mama Nathalie. NSFL also known as NLS means Not Safe For Life or Not Life Safe normally referring to a link someone or some website has sent you meaning no one should ever see it. the video at 1guy-1cup. com is NSFL.

What’s the average subscriber growth for / are / NSFL?

Average daily subscriber growth for the past week, month, and year for /r/NSFL_. The average active users (polled every 2 hours) for the past week and month for /r/NSFL_. How /r/NSFL_ growth compares with growth of 2,904,261 other subreddits.

Which is the best example of NSFL content?

Not Safe For Life. Stuff that isn’t appropriate no matter where you are, how old you are, or what time it is. NSFL content is usually gore. Examples of NSFL content include: Goatse, kekma.ga, a lot of videos on Liveleak, 1 Guy 1 Jar, 2 Guys 1 Hammer, etc.

Are there any internet sites that are NSFL?

Though the site is rarely updated now, its full NSFL library of articles is still online along with adult content, nudity and macabre and unpleasant videos your eyes will never be able to un-see. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Fun fact: the creators of Rotten are also linked to Rate My Poop.