What does error code 12 mean in Sims 3?

What does error code 12 mean in Sims 3?

Error code 12 is a Sims 3 issue that arises when users try to save games. This error appears due to insufficient RAM available to save games. Consequently, Sims 3 displays this error message, An unexpected error has occurred while saving: Error Code 12. So, players can’t save their games when error code 12 arises.

How do I fix Sims 3 errors?

How can I fix the error during startup issue on Sims 3?

  1. Run the game with administrator privileges. Right-click the launcher for Sims 3 and select Properties.
  2. Delete cache files for Sims 3. Clearing the cache for Sims 3 might erase corrupted files there.
  3. Delete game mods.
  4. Reinstall Sims 3.
  5. Delete expansion registry keys.

How do you get a unicorn Sims 3?

Unicorns appear only between 8pm and 5am only – so every night go to map view and ‘spy’ on both fishing lots or a science center (Cinnamon Falls and the water plant) at the same time from 8pm till 5am. Keep doing so until a glowing dust cloud forms over a fishing lot. Underneath that is a unicorn.

What is a serial code for Sims 3?

The serial code can be found on the back of the manual or on a separate (white) sheet of paper within the box. Make sure to keep this in a safe place. You’ll need it for every installation. The serial code for the game has 20 letters (5 blocks with 4 letters).

How do I fix error code 12?

Here are the solutions for the Error code 12:

  1. Via Built-In Troubleshooter.
  2. Deactivate the Device.
  3. Restore to the Previous State.
  4. Change BIOS Settings for GPUs.
  5. Update the Device Driver.
  6. Fix Registry Entries.
  7. Update Your BIOS.
  8. Undo Recent Changes.

How do I make Sims 3 use more RAM?

Never allocate more than half of your total available RAM towards TS3 to avoid damage/crashing of your operating system.

  1. Navigate to your TS3 base game’s folder:
  2. Open “Sims3″ text file and change the Memory Usage Limit.

How do you put Sims 3 in compatibility mode?

To fix this error, you need to run Sims 3 in Compatibility Mode. To do that, simply right-click the Sims 3 icon, select Properties and then select Compatibility. Then check the Run this program in compatibility mode for box and select Windows Vista or Windows XP SP3. The game should work fine.

Can unicorns have babies Sims 3?

To get the option to come up easily, first build up a relationship between the two Unicorns, then send one into the stall and use the other Unicorn to Try for Foal. Three days after the appearance of the Pregnant Moodlet (a while after chimes), a Foal will be born. While the mare is pregnant, your Sims cannot ride.

What can genies do in Sims 3?

After a genie is released, he or she will no longer be able to grant wishes to Sims. However, they still have the following magical abilities: Magically clean Sim – Boosts a Sim’s hygiene to maximum and grants a +20 “Magically Spotlessly Clean” moodlet for 30 minutes.

Why is there error code 12 on Sims 3?

The error code 12 which can be encountered while playing The Sims 3 is quite an annoying error which has been bugging users for a while now. The error itself prevents the users from saving their progress at all, making the game entirely unplayable. Being able to save your progress is vital in any game and The Sims 3 is no exception at all.

Do you have the codes for Sims 3 Pets?

Anyone have the codes to the Sims 3 pets and the generation expansion? Please and thank you Anybody got any spare keys for space sims? kinda games that they dont need or want? Like EverSpace? or something like it. Does anyone have a spare sims 3 code pls none above are working plsss.

Do you have a spare Sims 3 code?

Like EverSpace? or something like it. Does anyone have a spare sims 3 code pls none above are working plsss. You must log in or register to reply here.