What does E Source do?

What does E Source do?

We’re a solutions-based consulting, research and advisory, and data science firm that’s been a change agent in the utility industry for over 30 years.

Who owns e Source?

Align Capital Partners
E Source, the leading provider of customer-focused research, data, and consulting for utilities and their partners, announced today that it has been acquired by Align Capital Partners (ACP), a growth-oriented private equity firm focused on investing in business-to-business companies that are well positioned for growth …

What is esource com?

E Source leads utilities and cities to a more innovative and sustainable future through predictive data science, market intelligence, consulting, and advisory services. As a result of our partnership, utilities and cities become industry leaders in asset management and customer experience.

What is E Source in clinical trials?

Any data initially recorded in electronic format, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidance documents defines eSource as “any combination of text, graphics, data, audio, pictorial or other information represented in a digital form that is created, modified, maintained, archived, retrieved or distributed by a …

What is the difference between EDC and eCOA?

While DDC may seem like standard electronic data capture (EDC), they are different. Similarly, eCOA questionnaires capture data directly from clinicians, replacing an assortment of specific forms created for a variety of research purposes that would also need to be transcribed.

What is eCOA and ePRO?

The difference between Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment (eCOA) and Electronic Patient-Reported Outcome (ePRO) is that ePRO systems are a type of eCOA. Clinical trial patients often use eCOA system technologies on mobile devices to remotely send their ePRO symptoms and experience directly to site staff.

What is Iwrs in clinical trials?

Interactive Web Response Systems (IWRS) and Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVRS) are the technologies that research sites use to enroll patients into clinical trials, randomize patients, and manage study drug supplies.

What is eCRF research?

An eCRF (electronic case report form) is a software system used to collect data in a clinical study. Commonly, eCRFs are web-based applications containing various data forms and fields designed to receive data in clinical trials or observational studies.

What is EDC and IRT?

In the past, IRT systems and electronic data capture (EDC) systems were separate. An EDC system is what statisticians use at the end of a trial to analyze data, and prior to integration between an IRT and EDC, data from the IRT had to manually uploaded to the EDC.

What is a IRT?

Your IRT is the total monthly gross income that you have to report. By “total monthly gross income” we mean any money your Household receives before taxes.

How many Cros are there in the world?

There are more than 1,100 CRO companies around the globe, led by IQVIA, Covance, LabCorp, Syneos, Charles River, Parexel, ICON, PRA, PPD and Wuxi AppTec. The world’s top ten CRO players hold a combined over 50% market share for now.

How do I create a CRF?

CRF design should be standardized to address the needs of all users such as investigator, site coordinator, study monitor, data entry personnel, medical coder and statistician. Data should be organized in a format that facilitates and simplifies data analysis.