What does a 90 000 mile service include?

What does a 90 000 mile service include?

At 90,000 miles, maintenance services may be needed such as flushing or replacing vehicle fluids, Wheel Alignment, Clean and Adjusting Brakes, and replacing spark plugs and Timing Belt/Water Pump. At this mileage, you may start seeing the wear and tear on items like the Drive Belts, Coolant Hoses, and Motor Mounts.

What is Lexus 90000 mile service?

What is Replaced in the 90,000-mile service? When you are ready for an oil change and near the 90,000-mile mark, we can combine the standard oil visit with the full treatment. Your oil and oil filter will be changed, and all of your vehicle’s fluids assessed.

Is 90K service worth it?

For most vehicles, the 90,000 mile (90K) service is the most critical to perform and most critical to perform on time. This is the interval where many engines require timing belt replacement. There are many engines which will sustain severe and extremely expensive damage if the timing belt fails.

What is the service schedule for a Mercedes-Benz?

A Mercedes-Benz service schedule is divided into 10,000-mile service intervals. The first is labeled as “Service A.” At this juncture, Mercedes recommends a synthetic oil and filter replacement,…

Why service with our Mercedes-Benz technicians?

Our expertly trained technicians use Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts and help make life less complicated with service that’s both professional and convenient. With advanced – and ongoing – training and development, our team of diagnostic technicians have the skill, know-how, and understanding to ensure your Mercedes-Benz continues to run at its best.

What is Mercedes-Benz express service?

Available with or without an appointment, Express Service is dedicated vehicle care in about 60 minutes or less *. With two diagnostic technicians working on your Mercedes-Benz using the latest tools and tests, it’s a comprehensive and complete way to get thorough service – in less time than you think. * Service B may take longer than 60 minutes.

How to perform a maintenance on Mercedes-Benz motor oil?

1 Mercedes-Benz motor oil replacement 2 Oil filter replacement 3 Fluid level checks and corrections 4 Tire inflation check and correction 5 Cabin dust/combination filter replacement 6 Brake component inspection 7 Brake fluid exchange 8 Reset maintenance counter