What did Dave Grohl play in Queens of the Stone Age?

What did Dave Grohl play in Queens of the Stone Age?

Featuring former Nirvana drummer and Foo Fighters singer Dave Grohl on drums and contributions from Alain Johannes and Natasha Shneider, Songs for the Deaf was released in 2002, to universal acclaim and commercial success….

Queens of the Stone Age
Labels Man’s Ruin Loosegroove Interscope Matador

When did Dave Grohl play for Queens of the Stone Age?

Grohl, the former Nirvana drummer and current Foo Fighters leader, played on Queens of the Stone Age’s 2002 album Songs for the Deaf.

Who is the bass player for Queens of the Stone Age?

Josh HommeSince 1996
Nick Oliveri1998 – 2004Michael ShumanSince 2007Troy Van LeeuwenSince 2002Alain Johannes2005 – 2007
Queens of the Stone Age/Bassists

How does Josh Homme pronounce his name?

Joshua Michael Homme (/ˈhɒmiː/ HOM-ee; born May 17, 1973) is an American singer, musician, songwriter, and record producer.

How many records has Queens of the Stone Age sold?

Queens of the Stone Age released a follow-up album, Lullabies to Paralyze, in 2005. The album peaked at number five on the Billboard 200, selling 97,000 copies during its first week….

Queens of the Stone Age discography
Singles 14
Promotional singles 7

Why did Nick Oliveri get kicked out of Queens?

Josh Homme has revealed for the first time why he fired longtime friend Nick Oliveri from Queens Of The Stone Age in 2004. Speaking to Zane Lowe tonight (July 6) on BBC Radio 1, Homme said he ordered Oliveri to leave the band after he independently confirmed Oliveri had been physically abusive to his girlfriend.

Are Josh Homme and Nick Oliveri still friends?

Like Clockwork, leader Josh Homme told MTV. “Nick and I have been friends since a couple weeks after everything went down,” Homme said, referring to the bassist’s firing from the band in 2004.

Who is the lead singer of Queens of the Stone Age?

Queens of the Stone Age (commonly abbreviated QOTSA) is an American rock band formed in 1996 in Palm Desert, California. The band was founded by vocalist and guitarist Josh Homme, who has been the only constant member throughout multiple line-up changes.

How many Queens of the Stone Age are there?

1 Queens of the Stone Age (1998) 2 Rated R (2000) 3 Songs for the Deaf (2002) 4 Lullabies to Paralyze (2005) 5 Era Vulgaris (2007) 6 …Like Clockwork (2013) 7 Villains (2017)

How did Queens of the Stone Age get their tattoo?

The band decided to tattoo themselves with the starting time of the performance, “Freitag 4:15.” As Oliveri explained: Me, Mark [Lanegan], Josh [Homme] and Hutch, our soundman, have the same tattoo, it’s from Rock am Ring festival. The time we had to play was 4:15 in the afternoon and it was just a terrible show.

Why was Nick Oliveri of Queens of the Stone Age arrested?

During the 2001 Rock in Rio show, bassist Nick Oliveri was arrested after performing on stage naked, with only his bass guitar covering his genitals. Oliveri apologized to officials, saying that he did not know it was a crime in Brazil.