What company is HD?

What company is HD?

The company was re-acquired by The Home Depot in December 2020….HD Supply.

Type Subsidiary
Traded as Nasdaq: HDS (2013–20)
Founded 1974 (as Maintenance Warehouse) in San Diego, California
Headquarters Atlanta, Georgia, United States

What type of business is HD Supply?

As a leading supplier of maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) products for property managers and owners of multifamily, hospitality, commercial, healthcare and government facilities, our HD Supply US business offers an inventory of 100,000+ high-quality products, a dedicated fleet of 850+ delivery vehicles and a …

Is HD Supply and Home Depot the same company?

Following its acceptance of the tendered shares, The Home Depot completed the acquisition of HD Supply through a merger of Coronado Acquisition Sub Inc. with and into HD Supply. As a result of the merger, HD Supply became a wholly owned subsidiary of The Home Depot.

Does Home Depot sell HD?

HD Supply Acquired By The Home Depot HD Supply announced on December 24, 2020 that the merger with The Home Depot was complete. It was a momentous occasion for the company and for the future of maintenance.

Did Home Depot Pro buy HD Supply?

Dear Valued Customers, Home Depot is thrilled to announce that we have completed the acquisition of HD Supply. This is a momentous occasion for the company and the future of Home Depot Pro.

Can the public shop at HD Supply?

Can all customers see their invoices and statements online? If you are having difficulty viewing your invoices and statements online please call HD Supply Credit Services at 800.798. 8888.

Does HD Supply own white cap?

HD Supply is suddenly half the company it once was. White Cap and CSG said the transaction is also valued at approximately $4 billion, while CD&R purchased White Cap from HD Supply for $2.9 billion. CD&R now holds 65 percent ownership in the combined company, with previous CSG shareholders holding 35 percent ownership.

Is HD Supply a good company to work for?

This company has great benefits hands down for the average working class of people. For this company to be so successful. There are too many major issues with there systems an management team. As a driver they whole us accountable for things we have no control of.

Who sold HD Supply?

The Home Depot®
ATLANTA, Dec. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Home Depot®, the world’s largest home improvement retailer, has completed the acquisition of HD Supply Holdings, Inc., for a total enterprise value (including net cash) of approximately $8 billion.