What are the ingredients in Kesavardhini hair oil?

What are the ingredients in Kesavardhini hair oil?

Kesavardhini Aloe Vera Amla Hair Oil contains all the benefits of amla(emblica officinalis), which has medicinal properties and aloe vera which is known for its humectant (water retention) properties. This oil acts as a coolant and prevents premature graying of hair.

What are the ingredients used in the hair oil?

Ingredients for the Hair-Oil

  • Coconut Oil—200 ml.
  • Olive Oil—100 ml.
  • Almond Oil—50 ml.
  • Castor Oil—30 ml.
  • Red Hibiscus Leaves—5.
  • Fresh Amla Juice—30 ml.
  • Neem Leaves—20.
  • Bhringaraj (Eclipta Alba) Leaves—10.

How can I use Kesavardhini for hair growth?

Use a small quantity of kesavardhini oil on a daily basis just as you would with regular hair oil. Use it as a Pre-wash application. Massage this oil directly on your hair and scalp. Leave it for 30min – 1 hour and wash it off with a natural homemade or mild shampoo.

How do you mix Kesavardhini hair oil?

Mix each bottle of 25ml Kesavardhini Concentrate with 100 ml of Coconut or Olive or Mustered oil part the hair and as you apply the mixed oil massage the scalp gently and systematically for about 10 minutes everyday so that the nourishment is worked into every inch of the scalp. Give the hair a good brushing.

What is Kesavardhini oil?

Kesavardhini Concentrate Oil can be mixed with Olive oil, Coconut oil or any other hair oil and applied to the hair. It comprises of all natural, effective ingredients which help solve all hair problems. Reduces hair fall and promotes hair growth. Makes hair healthy and shiny.

What is Kesavardhini plant?

Kesavardhini Plant (Lark daisy) is a heat-loving tender perennial that produces showy blue-purple flowers. It originated from South America. It is a well-growing shrub that thrives in the tropical climate. Produces colorful flowers throughout the year and has both Ornamental and Medicinal values.

What type of oil is best for hair?

Hair Oil: 5 Best Oils For Hair Growth, Dry Hair, and Dandruff

  1. Coconut Oil. Coconut Oil is pretty much the holy grail of hair oil.
  2. Argan Oil. Argan oil, also known as Moroccan oil, is extracted from nuts of the argan tree found in Morocco, and will do wonders for your hair.
  3. Castor Oil.
  4. Jojoba Oil.
  5. Olive Oil.

How do I make my own hair oil?


  1. 1/4 cup of coconut oil.
  2. 3 Tbsp of extra-virgin olive oil.
  3. 1/4 cup of jojoba oil.
  4. 3 Tbsp of avocado oil.
  5. 3-5 drops of rosemary essential oil.
  6. 5 drops of sage oil.
  7. 3-5 drops of fragrance oil of your choice*
  8. Yield: four ounces.

Is Kesavardhini oil good for hair?

Kesavardhini concentrate oil has been a tried and tested secret that works perfectly well for Indian hair texture. The oil calming, meditative effect that soothes frayed hair, uplifts mood and aids in good maintenance of hair.

Is Kesavardhini good?

It is an excellent hair tonic that helps to reduce premature greying, dandruff, and hair fall.

Which is the best hair oil for hair growth?

10 Best Hair Growth Oils For Healthy Hair and Scalp

  • Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.
  • Organic Sesame Oil.
  • Organic Neem Oil.
  • Brigandi Intensive Hair Treatment.
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil.
  • Ylang Ylang Essential Oil.
  • Peppermint Essential Oil.
  • Lavender Essential Oil.

Is olive oil for hair?

Olive oil’s primary chemical elements are oleic acid, palmitic acid, and squalene. Olive oil could add softness and strengthen hair by penetrating the hair shaft and preserving moisture. The shine said to come from olive oil may be due to the oil smoothing the outer cuticle of the hair.