Is Trent Merrin married?

Is Trent Merrin married?

Personal life. Merrin was engaged to world-class surfer Sally Fitzgibbons. Merrin is in a long-term relationship with Jessica Watson and the couple had their first child in March 2020.

Why did Trent Merrin retire from nrl?

Describing himself as a “chubby kid from St Peters”, Merrin was once touted as a NSW captain but he said the enthusiasm and ambition that helped him achieve everything in the game was slipping away as he struggled to keep pace under the new NRL rules introduced this season.

How old is Trent Merrin?

31 years (October 7, 1989)
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Is Trent Merrin retired?

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Who is the highest paid rugby league player?

Matt Lodge
Brisbane discard Matt Lodge has become the highest-paid player in the NRL thanks to an extraordinary $1 million-plus payout from the Broncos.

How old is Sally Fitzgibbons?

30 years (December 19, 1990)
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Who just retired from the NRL?

winger Brett Morris
Sydney Roosters winger Brett Morris has announced his immediate retirement from the NRL. The 34-year-old sustained an ACL injury in the Tricolours’ round eight win over Newcastle – in which he captained the side for the first time – and has not played since.

Who is Trent merrins wife?

Trent Merrin and his wife Jessica welcomed their first child into the world last Friday – a beautiful baby boy named Mayne Merrin.

Who are Sally Fitzgibbons parents?

Martin Fitzgibbons
Mary Fitzgibbons
Sally Fitzgibbons/Parents

Is Sally Fitzgibbons deaf?

DONNING a helmet that stops her from hearing has not hurt Sally Fitzgibbons’ surfing skills. The Australian has moved into the quarter-finals of the US Open of Surfing at Huntington Beach, California, to continue her fine recent form.

What is the name of Trent Merrin’s wife?

Trent Merrin’s wife has sparked the curiosity of many people these days. Learn about the retirement of the player. Trent Merrin is a former professional rugby player from Australia who played forwards. He was a part of the St George Illawarra Dragons of the National Rugby League (NRL) and also on the Penrith Panthers.

Why did Trent Merrin retire from the NRL?

After playing his 250th top-grade match against the Warriors last Sunday, Trent Merrin approached St George Illawarra coach Anthony Griffin and told him to give his pay and position to a younger player because he could no longer keep up with the speed of the game.

Why did Sally Fitzgibbons break up with Trent Merrin?

She recently broke off her engagement to rugby league player Trent Merrin after a three-year relationship. And Sally Fitzgibbons, 26, has revealed how she is dealing with the split, telling The Daily Telegraph she is simply focusing on the things she feels passionate about.