Is the PT-109 story true?

Is the PT-109 story true?

On August 1, 1943, a Japanese destroyer rams an American PT (patrol torpedo) boat, No. 109, slicing it in two. The destruction is so massive other American PT boats in the area assume the crew is dead. Two crewmen were, in fact, killed, but 11 survived, including Lt.

What happened to the crew of the PT-109?

Two crew members were never seen again, but 11 who survived, all wearing life vests, managed to board what was left of PT-109. One had been badly burned and couldn’t swim. Lieutenant Kennedy, who had suffered a ruptured spinal disk in the collision, had swum and towed him to the boat.

Who wrote PT-109?

Howard Sheehan
Richard L. Breen
PT 109/Screenplay

What does PT PT-109 mean?

Patrol Torpedo
PT-109 stood at her station, one of fifteen PT boats (“Patrol Torpedo” boats) that had set out to engage, damage, and maybe even turn back the well-known “Tokyo Express.” US forces gave that name to the Japanese navy’s more or less regular supply convoy to soldiers fighting the advance of US forces in the islands …

Has PT-109 been found?

A National Geographic expedition has found the WWII patrol boat that became a cornerstone of the Kennedy legend. A National Geographic expedition led by explorer Robert Ballard has found what is believed to be the remains of John F. Kennedy’s PT-109.

Did JFK ever see the movie PT-109?

After seeing the film, President Kennedy called PT 109 a “good product,” but he worried about the length of the film at 2 hours and 20 minutes. He said, “It’s just a question of whether there’s too much of it”.

Was the PT 109 ever found?

Are any survivors of PT 109 still alive?

Gerard Zinser, the last surviving crewman from the sinking of John F. Kennedy’s PT 109 in the South Pacific in World War II, died on Aug. 21 at a hospital in Orange Park, Fla.

Did JFK see the movie PT-109?

Where is PT-109 located?

the Solomon Islands
Kennedy’s PT-109 rests some 1,200 feet (360 meters) underwater in the Solomon Islands. Key details from the torpedo and its nearby launching tube helped identify this wreck site as that of the World War II boat.

Do any PT boats still exist?

Today, just four combat-veteran PT boats still exist in the United States; of those, only PT-305 is fully restored and operational, complete with original-model engines.

Who was the author of the book PT 109?

PT 109 by Robert John Donovan was published as John F. Kennedy was becoming president in early 1961. The author traveled to the South Pacific to the location where the ramming of Kennedy’s PT boat (Patrol Torpedo) by a Japanese warship split his ship in two and started the whole ordeal of life and death for Lieutenant Kennedy and his crew.

When was PT 109 by Robert John Donovan published?

Donovan was able to interview the islanders and crew members still alive at the time of his research. PT 109 by Robert John Donovan was published as John F. Kennedy was becoming president in early 1961.

What does PT 109 stand for in World War 2?

PT stands for patrol torpedo boat. There would be a second PT boat after the 109, but this is the one that is better known. In the 109, the crew faces disaster as they are struck and sunk by a Japanese destroyer. Remarkably, only two of the crew are killed in this accident. Next will come survival and rescue, avoiding capture by the Japanese.

When did PT 109 go on night patrol?

On night patrol on 14-15 January 1943, PT-109 unsuccessfully searched northwest of Savo for signs of nine expected Japanese destroyers. At one point, a patrolling plane dropped a depth charge about 150 yards off the port quarter.