Is online MBA valid for government jobs?

Is online MBA valid for government jobs?

Yes, Distance Education Degree Valid for Government Jobs as well as further studies also.

Can I do MBA along with government job?

Yes, you can definitely pursue MBA after M.

Can I get govt job after MBA in India?

One of the sector that lures young talent of our nation is the Government sector that provide the best salary, Best perks and stress free life to a candidate….List of Government Jobs After MBA.

Name of Post – Total Vacancies Govt Organization Date
General Managers, AGM – 03 BNPM India 30/06/2020

Which MBA is good for government jobs?

Specialization of MBA,HRM(human resource management)and accountancy is most suitable to get into Government Jobs. Also MBA in Project Management, Energy Management, Operations have agreat value in todays world. But as now-a-days the competitions are increasing you must apply for MBA.

Does Nmims provide placement for distance MBA?

From 2019 onwards, NMIMS Global Access-SCE started Providing Placement Assistance for Students enrolled in the distance courses through a non-mandatory offering known as Career Services. NMIMS distance learning placements are also channelized through Hiring Partners & Alumni Portal job listings.

How can I get ONGC after MBA?

MBA with specialization in Personnel Management/ HRD/ HRM with minimum 60% marks OR Post Graduate degree in Personnel Management/ IR/ Labour Welfare with minimum 60% marks OR Minimum 2 years full-time Post-Graduate Diploma in PM/IR/Labour Welfare with minimum 60% marks OR PGDM from IIM with minimum 60% marks.

How can I get SBI job after MBA?

Step 1: Visit the SBI careers websites. Step 2: Go to the current openings page and look through the various advertisements. Step 3: Select the position you wish to apply for and click “Apply Online”. Step 4: Register yourself as a new candidate using a mobile number and an email address to access the application form.

Is govt job better than MBA?

Work Life Balance in a Govt Job would be definitely better than than in a job after MBA. But, a job after MBA from top 30 colleges will give you tremendous growth and learning opportunities while working in a Corporate or a start-up that is faster than that of a Govt. Job.

Which is better Scdl or NMIMS?

The colleges provide PGDM as well as an MBA degree. Symbiosis provides only PGDM degrees and has no MBA specialization degree….Table of Comparison between Symbiosis and NMIMS Mumbai.

Name of Institute Symbiosis NMIMS Mumbai
Established 1971 1981
Business Today Rankings for 2017 17 11